About Me:

Name: Rebekka
Nickname: Bekka
Sign: Aquarius


Color: Mustard Yellow and Avocado Green

Book: Valley of the Dolls and The Stranger

Season: Fall/ Autumn in Los Angeles

I jumped into the art world in 2008 starting as an intern at 01 Gallery. There I met countless amazing artists; Retna, Chaz Bojorquez, Steve Olson, Members of the 7th Letter Crew and the list can go on. But even then it still wasn’t the right gallery for me; from there I went onto an internship with Thinkspace Gallery. Having been with Thinkspace since August of 2008, the owners are now more of my family than “bosses”. There I learned everything about curating, hanging, and basically how to work with artist. Owner and mentor, LC, gave me the confidence to believe in myself, my eye for art, and even encourage me to follow through and make this blog turn from an idea into a reality.

Ever since I was able to watch Canadian bands on Much Music (Much Music is currently Fuse for you youngins) my desire to know about music other people didn’t know about grew. In High School this became very elitist in thought, keeping all good music to myself. But now I am much more open as I still am always hungry to hear new music and discover emerging bands, sharing them with people is half the fun!

I have a lot of dreams for MY FAVORITE MAOI. As I hope its name or idea can represent positivity and promote productive (not destructive) action. I truly did start this blog as a way to keep myself from being bored and becoming depressed. Music and Art have always been forms of Inspiration for people, I was just lucky enough to see a beautiful acronym in a type of pharmaceutical drug.

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