Another Indefinite Hiatus

My Favorite MAOI has been struggling to get my focus over the last 3 years. In sad attempts to bring it back, its never hit that glory of its first few years. I will never stop being interested in music, art, or finding inspiration all around me. I’m just changing where I share that information. One of my biggest dreams has been to drive around the country and explore folk art, local music scenes, and do a few studio visits. I’m working hard right now to make that dream come true. A part of that is to build my audience, but not on this blog. I’m directing my focus on Blanket Fort Adventures, which is an online reflection of everything that excites me. I encourage you to check out the about me.

If you happen to stumble on this site because of one of the awesome fun interviews I did or somehow I captured Googles attention and you like what you read, please say hi by tweeting me at @basicallybekka — you’ll make my day!

I don’t think I will ever give up My Favorite MAOI as its my first blog child. We’ve been through so much together, and I’m already committed to owning the domain forever. It’s in the WILL future children. But for now I leave you all with the following…


#SOTD – Pitiful February & March Playlist

The lack of daily selection in my Song of the Day playlists makes me think I need to rename these “What I’m Listening Too” aka #WILT. Hmm WILT, that’s not too bad as it totally reflects the lame nature of having to resign to changing #SOTD to #WILT. This month just got away from me completely, and I think I was sucked into watching more TV than listening to music. Though this week I’ve started to get into listening to more new bands, so April is looking good. Maybe. Well here are some basic playlists and a little Twitter love, I love the twitter love!!

Twitter Favorite Boris Yelstin

Twitter Favorite of School

Tran Nguyen New Interview for New Works

Thinkspace Artists Tran Nguyen Erik Jones Alex Yanes

Tran not only creates beautiful work, she is equally stunning inside and out. This is the last  weekend (well today really, Saturday March 15) to see the “New Works” show at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City. NY artist Erik Jones and GA artist Tran Nguyen are showing in the main room, while Miami artist Alex Yanes takes over the project room. My favorite show of the year; there is a stunning balance of composition, beauty, and colorful fun through out the gallery. Erik Jones work connects Tran’s soft and ethereal pieces to Alex’s bold and chunky installation, although in separate rooms the entire gallery feels like a cohesive curated piece.

Here is a quick interview I did with Tran about the show, make sure to check it our before it comes down on March 22, 2014.

Tran Nguyen New Works

MAOI:  How would one phonetically pronounce your name? Or would you like to give MAOI readers a special way/nickname to address you with?
TN: My first name is pronounced “tron” like the movie and my family name is “wen”.  In summation, “tron wen”.
MAOI: How do you take your coffee or tea? 
TN: I recently made the transition from coffee to tea for health reasons.  I like it simple with no additives and blazing Godzilla hot.
MAOI: Did you have a “F**k yeah, that’s amazing” moment while creating this series? (modesty is over-rated)
TN: Yes — when I was creating “Living In a Forgotten Fissure I”.
MAOI: What was playing in the background while you were creating this recent body of work; music, Netflix, other?
TN: Ted Talks, The Amazing Race, artist podcasts, and a lot of music.
MAOI: What do you really like or admire about the work of the other artists your showing with at Thinkspace Saturday March 1, 2014. 
TN: Erik’s and Alex’s works are incredible on their own, but I find it amazing how we all complement each other so well, with each bringing their own creative innovation.  Erik’s is colorful like Alex’s while my work is figurative like Erik’s, and so on.

The Season of Spring at Flower Pepper Gallery Opening 3/1/2014

season of spring

 I’ll say it, I’m incredibly jealous of Daniel Rolnik. An adorable art critic, print production owner, traveling art aficionado, writer, and now curator. In September of 2012 I put down my curatorial hat, as I was having a hard time juggling a full time job and curating. And after being honest with myself, knew I wanted to focus more on writing than curating. *Sadly even that hasn’t been as frequent as I would like. So the fact Daniel now has a 300 piece show under his belt at Flower Pepper Gallery, I’m a gorgeous shade of jade.

I won’t be able to attend the show, not because I can’t be thrilled for someone’s success. Daniel knows I’m envious of him in a friendly way. But I’ll be at Thinkspace for their “New Works” show. But I’ll be sure to stop by during its run March 1, 2014 – April 4, 2014.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from The Season of Spring!

nicole brukman

Nicole Bruckman

graham curranGraham Curran

JulianCallos1-e1393290733126Julian Callos

Liz McGrath

Elizabeth McGrath

details about the show after the jump…

* I did finish writing a book in 2013, so hey now.

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SOUNDS LIKE : Bastille’s Bad Blood and Lost Boys

lost boys and bastille

I’ve been obsessed with vampires since I was around 5 or 6 years old. Watching vampire films, and asking my Dad to tell me about vampire lore. Most would think letting a 9 year old watch From Dusk till Dawn is in appropriate, how about a 7 year old watching Interview with a Vampire. My favorite television show as a teen was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and yes I had already watched the classic Buffy the Vampire film with Kristy Swanson around 5 years old.

But my favorite vampire film has always been Lost Boys. When Lost Boys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Interview with a Vampire played at the Cinespia Hollywood Cemetery screening this past summer, I squealed with excitement. So what does my obsession with vampires, pre-flippn Twilight BS, have to do with music.

Bastille’s “Bad Blood” is completely reminiscent of the title song in Lost Boys! And the fact Bastille’s song is called “Bad Blood” makes me think this isn’t just a coincidence*. I have a tendency to hear musical connections that others don’t always hear. The musical connection is not obvious, and it’s not like I’m saying Bastille’s Bad Blood is exactly like the Lost Boy’s “Cry Little Sister” by G Tom Mac. BUT they definitely both used some cinnamon in their songs, if you get my random cooking metaphor. Listen below and tell me what you think.

p.s. Lost Boys came out the same year I was born, so I was born with Vampire love in my blood!

*I admit that’s a bit of a reach.



I’ve been developing a YouTube channel that is a funnel for my interests, another outlet to share my thoughts and be expressive. My goal is to have a lot more art and music related content posted on the channel, a part from the silly Tag Videos and Haul purchases. An example of this was my Vlog of attending the LA Art Show a few weeks ago, well a solid month ago.

The show was an incredible visual stimulation overload. By the time we left, I was almost completely desensitized. Seeing pieces and galleries we had missed on our four hours of art absorption on the way out, I felt only the slightest tug at my art heart strings saying “turn around and see what you missed” . The LA Art Show CAN NOT be done right in one day. Even if you give yourself enough time to not be rushed, you end up skimming over pieces because something else grabs your attention more. You miss just being with each piece, and taking in all it has to tell you before your brain burns out.

While watching back at the pieces I filmed, I realized I have a strong affinity for mixed media and repurposed art. The structural and three dimensional aspects of the pieces that really grabbed my attention were so well constructed. The artistry was balanced with this technical craftsmanship that was awe-inspiring. Yet there were post modern paintings executed with classic techniques and touched upon today’s society, making them rich social artistic commentary on the world we live in today. There was so much I didn’t get on camera because I was shy. I’m getting better putting myself out there in public, and I just need to remind myself it’s for the greater good of sharing the art and the experience.

Hope you enjoy my LA ART SHOW experience!

More details on the pieces filmed after the jump.

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#SOTD January 2014 Playlist

#SOTD | Song of the Day

Once again I have a song for nearly half the month, and mid February… well I’ll get there. I should pop champagne and bathe in French Fries when I actually complete a full month long playlist from beginning to end. Not just a collection of songs discovered/ rediscovered during the month and haphazardly shared and posted on Twitter. I love #SOTD (song of the day) ! Especially when it gets love from the bands who’s songs I selected to declare #SOTD worthy. Yacht Band Music Twitter

Follow me on Twitter @BasicallyBekka for the currently occasional, potentially daily update of my favorite Songs of The Day / #SOTD!

*Discover new stuff – Rediscover Old Stuff – Get Inspired by the Music*

So the other day I saw… HAIM


I attended my first show of 2014 last Wednesday, and let me tell you, I Had An Incredible Most excellent show going experience.

On Tuesday an unidentified number texted me asking if I wanted to go see HAIM, or if I knew anyone who would want to see them; I love HAIM but I was cautious to immediately sign myself up for a mystery date.  Especially as I could potentially catch HAIM at another point in time, although they don’t have any shows scheduled in SO CAL except for Coachella. Which I don’t have tickets to attend.  So when the person identified themselves as my cousin, I was fully onboard till I was told it was at 1pm. The responsible adult/employee in me was hesitant to skip out on work so early, but as the show was only 15 minutes from my job. I decided on an Executive Life decision, and there was no way I was missing this great FREE show.  Plus if my work really needed me I could always return after.

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Live Music Year In Review 2013 : January – February

I sadly did not attend nearly as many shows as I have in the past, and even worse I didn’t do a Midnight Review for any of the shows I do go to! I always have 2014 to step up my game, well you know if I don’t, well… ok lets not get morbid here. Instead I give you mini-reviews of the shows I went to. A great time to reflect on 2013 the music, the shows, the performances, the cramped feet, and the late nights.


Lady Gaga at Staples | I’m a yes person. I try to say yes to life and different experiences. So even though I’ve never been a huge Lady Gaga fan, when my girl Liz offers me tickets to see her, I say YES! Also when you know it would make your sister ecstatic to be your guest, you decide to be the bester swester in der werlt. So I saw Lady Gaga and it was a theatrical spectacle of dark wonderment. Her audience is filled with adoring fans, and my favorite part was when she pulled a green haired kid from the pit to dance the last song. He was so on point! In the video below he comes on at 2:00 min. What an amazing life experience for him, a moment he will treasure forever. Lady Gaga was pretty bad ass for giving that to him.


Zola Jesus & Beach Party at Echoplex | I really like Beach Party, so much I reached out to them to interview. Unfortunately I accidentally reached out to the wrong Beach Party. Lesson learned: double check the music of the band your about to email on their website, and reference past tour dates. Zola Jesus was amazing!! She’s an extremely confident performer, but not arrogant. When you think about the artistry of music, she exudes it without the air of pretension or forced energy that follows that is attached to those kind of performers.

Mark Kozelek at First Unitarian Church | Ever since I saw Shopgirl, I’ve been in love with the band Sun Kill Moon. Mark Kozelek plays the singer in the movie’s pseudo rock band that takes Jeremy (Jason Schwartzman) on the road. Also Sun Kil Moon’s song Carry Me Ohio is the background music to the scene where Mirabelle (Claire Danes) decides to let Ray Porter (Steve Martin) character back into her life, cause he’s never left her heart. I’ve explained more about the movie, then the music.  But he hits this nerve, plucks the heart strings that resonates deeper than other music.  I have a Pandora station that’s seeded by Sun Kil Moon called Siesta Music.  Coincidentally during the performance the music was so beautiful it kept putting me to sleep, yet between each song I was wide awake. I loved and hated it all at the same time. Loved the music, hated that I kept going in and out of sleep cycles.

TORCHES – There will be dwarves!


Torches had a very busy year in 2013. Stoked to start working with a new manager who’s resume includes working on Conan, Kimmel, and for band Local Natives. They had a fun residency at the Echo back in May, and put out a new EP, IF THE PEOPLE STARE the same month. Followed by a summer tour and rounding of the year with a fantastic show at the Echoplex with The Lonely Wild. Next in store is putting out a new album in 2014. And I had the chance to interview them before any of that happened in March of 2013. WOW! Yeah talk about not making a personally set deadline. Well they are pretty neat, so find out more about this local (Los Angeles) indie favorite Torches.

Name: Azad Cheikosman                                           Name: Eric Fabbro
Nickname: Cheeks? Wolfie                                        Nickname: Fabbs
Sign: Libra                                                                   Sign: Aquarius

Azad: Black, Blue
Eric: Blue

Eric: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Azad: Fall
Eric: Winter

MAOI:  What is your spirit animal?
Azad: Wolf
Eric: Turtle

MAOI: What superhero would you make your sidekick?
Azad: Idk, if this counts, but Jake the Dog of Adventure Time.
Eric: Probably The Flash, he’s always appealed to me with his attitude

MAOI: Most wild and crazy thing you have done thus far in your life?
Azad: I’d say, deciding to drive across the country in a van with my friends to play for strangers. The last tour we did was the most extensive tour we’ve ever done. We started in LA and drove up the coast playing through these cities: Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York (CMJ festival), and Chicago. I booked the tour myself and surprisingly enough we came back with money…profit was made. Tour was a success!
Eric: Kinda lame, but jumping off a 50 ft rock into a lake. I have a bad fear of heights

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