Another Indefinite Hiatus

My Favorite MAOI has been struggling to get my focus over the last 3 years. In sad attempts to bring it back, its never hit that glory of its first few years. I will never stop being interested in music, art, or finding inspiration all around me. I’m just changing where I share that information. One of my biggest dreams has been to drive around the country and explore folk art, local music scenes, and do a few studio visits. I’m working hard right now to make that dream come true. A part of that is to build my audience, but not on this blog. I’m directing my focus on Blanket Fort Adventures, which is an online reflection of everything that excites me. I encourage you to check out the about me.

If you happen to stumble on this site because of one of the awesome fun interviews I did or somehow I captured Googles attention and you like what you read, please say hi by tweeting me at @basicallybekka — you’ll make my day!

I don’t think I will ever give up My Favorite MAOI as its my first blog child. We’ve been through so much together, and I’m already committed to owning the domain forever. It’s in the WILL future children. But for now I leave you all with the following…


SOUNDS LIKE : Bastille’s Bad Blood and Lost Boys

lost boys and bastille

I’ve been obsessed with vampires since I was around 5 or 6 years old. Watching vampire films, and asking my Dad to tell me about vampire lore. Most would think letting a 9 year old watch From Dusk till Dawn is in appropriate, how about a 7 year old watching Interview with a Vampire. My favorite television show as a teen was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and yes I had already watched the classic Buffy the Vampire film with Kristy Swanson around 5 years old.

But my favorite vampire film has always been Lost Boys. When Lost Boys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Interview with a Vampire played at the Cinespia Hollywood Cemetery screening this past summer, I squealed with excitement. So what does my obsession with vampires, pre-flippn Twilight BS, have to do with music.

Bastille’s “Bad Blood” is completely reminiscent of the title song in Lost Boys! And the fact Bastille’s song is called “Bad Blood” makes me think this isn’t just a coincidence*. I have a tendency to hear musical connections that others don’t always hear. The musical connection is not obvious, and it’s not like I’m saying Bastille’s Bad Blood is exactly like the Lost Boy’s “Cry Little Sister” by G Tom Mac. BUT they definitely both used some cinnamon in their songs, if you get my random cooking metaphor. Listen below and tell me what you think.

p.s. Lost Boys came out the same year I was born, so I was born with Vampire love in my blood!

*I admit that’s a bit of a reach.

Phoenix Art District for the win!

Never have I seen so many colorful and fun murals in one area. In Los Angeles the street art is spread out, from Downtown to Santa Monica behind buildings and down alleys. But Phoenix art district has stepped it up and put us to shame with its art district. Art District in Los Angeles means a collection of art galleries, with modest store fronts and a few wheat paste signs sprinkled on walls or light post. But in Phoenix, it is a collection of larger than life expressions of creativity. I came upon Roosevelt Street on accident. Deciding to venture out past my comfort zone established by where I had been staying during my little weekend getaway. We ventured to the “other side” of the ten freeway and found a tasty place for lunch, afterwards I intentionally turned down this and that street on my way back to the freeway when I turned down Roosevelt and was compelled to stop. SO MANY MURALS!

Won’t lie, a few illegal u-turns were made in the process. Having to park my car a second time after I drove further down the street and spotted more amazing murals. I don’t usually stop and enjoy street art. I notice it and then keep moving on in my vehicle. Not anymore! I’m really motivated to just pull over my car for a quick second and take a picture. Unlike these gorgeous and fun pieces that will be up for a while, some of the murals/ street art in Los Angeles you never know when it will disappear. These are just a few of the murals I took pictures of as we were in a bit of a rush, but there are way more to see and check out!

More information on Phoenix Art District



Last Night of Local Natives Residency Spaceland 2009

Here is the said Article mentioned in the below rejection letter, still one of the best shows I’ve ever been too. 


Local Natives have stormed their way through the indie rock world and I believe possess a future akin to fellow Silver Lake alum such as Silversun Pickups, Cold War Kids, and Airborne Toxic Event. Back home after the Daytrotter Barn Tour the boys set up a Monday night residency for August at hipster haven Spaceland. If you’re 21+, own a plaid shirt, and listen to the dancey folk beats of the new indie wave, then this is your spot. With the Fun band, led by former The Format singer Nate Russ, and Henry Clay People on the bill to open for Local Natives the line began around 8 and was fully wrapped around the building and down a block by 8:45, doors open at 9. Fortunately my friend and I charmed an attractive guy standing in line smoking a cigarette. We really were just looking to bum some tobacco, but our new gentlemen friend along with two American Spirits allowed us to cut in line. This kind gesture prevented my friend and me from having to trek up a hill in order to join the back of the line and cross our fingers that we get in. When a show is free and has an amazing line up one is grateful for these blessed type of encounters.

By the time we got in I barely caught the tail end of Fun. Which in retrospect was very disappointing as their album is on heavy rotation and I don’t think they will be visiting LA for a while. After a “what to be expected” performance from Henry Clay People, energetic yet acoustics muffled the power of their lyrics. The main attraction, Local Natives took the stage. The standard wave of bodies pushed forward. With hardly any breathing room in the front, I somehow made it over to a friend I had met at the previous Monday night. What sparked our friendship was the fact she danced! Really got into the music and danced, not just the little hip sway and head bop. I admired her for the physical freedom she possessed and was determined to truly dance to the music too. The band held the audience completely captivated, everyone bopping and singing along. While my hips swiveled and my arms moved to the beat of their melodic and strong percussions, I slowly started to see other people dancing just a little bit more. Arms were being raised and heads were shaking too, punctuating the songs crescendo. By their last song Sun Hands, after an extended instrumental set, when the singer broke back into the chorus every single person in the first couple rows were truly dancing. Feet were pounding, fists were hitting the air, and the audience was expelling the lyrics with passionate exasperated voices.

Never in my entire show going experience have I ever witnessed a scene as harmonious and spontaneously choreographed as that moment. Looking to my right and left and seeing everyone dancing! This band has a way of exciting its audience with a unique and creative energy that cannot be manufactured. It’s organic in its power, and may these boys share this experience with as broad and as wide an audience as possible. With a few more stops in the North Western States Local Natives will be off to Europe until mid October. Make sure to catch this band while the venues are small, before you know it the ticket prices will be more than a tank of gas.

My First Rejection Letter – Circa 2009

From Monday September 21, 2009

Today I feel like a true writer. A vindicated writer! Today I received my first rejection letter. Which is awesome because especially with the use of the Internet now, people don’t get rejected, they get ignored. And I was rejected! The editor took time out of his day to say I’m not it, and that’s special.

Well here is the letter. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more soon; rejection and approval.

Hi, Rebekka. Thanks for getting in touch. Although we really enjoyed checking out your lists and articles on the Spinto Band and Local Natives, at this point we unfortunately don’t think your submission aligns with our current direction.Continued luck with your writing career,Brandon

+++Brandon Wall
Editor in Chief

A Curator’s Commandments to Artists – #1

#1 – Thou Shall Not Drop Off Art Work That Is Not Ready To Be Hung


In my three years of curating group shows, my number one pet peeve and actual problem that at times would put me in a bind; was that artists would drop off art work with no way to hang it. Or would leave brackets with me, but then give me the responsibility to install the brackets, which made me nervous because I didn’t want to damage the piece in the processes. This is not a nice thing to do to your curator. Depending on the person and the location your curator might not have the tools or the time to install a way to hang your piece. I never carried wire, brackets, or a drill on me. My tool box was equipped to hang art on the wall, not make a piece able to hang. Sometimes I would have immense time crunches. Needing to get my show up an hour or two before doors and stressing about incomplete pieces was not helpful. Thankfully in the few times I came across this problem, I was able to get assistance from the framing shop down the street, Bunny Gunner. But if they were not there, then those artists would have never had their work on the wall.

Yes, making your work able to hang on a wall is the artist’s responsibility. This is like a construction worker building a house, and not putting in a front door. Why would you leave your work incomplete? If you want your art to be showcased, then why would you drop it off with someone unable to hang it. If you want your piece to be purchased, give your collector an easy way to display it on their own wall. Would you want to buy something that was not finished; pants with no zipper or Doc Martins with no laces?

Exceptions to this rule; you’re an artists working with a fairly large gallery that is established and you have discussed with them who will handle framing/ how your pieces will be hung. Unless you and the gallery/ curator talk about the hanging process in detail; always assume your pieces need to be ready to be hung*. This makes you look like a professional artists, a serious artist and are steps towards making a good impression on the art world and who you work with.

Unless you want your piece leaning against a wall on the floor, make sure it can be hung by a nail before you drop it off.


If you are a curator or gallery owner and have a few commandments you would like to share email

Faking It – A Dandy Warhol’s Story

(stole photo from The Swollen Fox)

It came to my attention in my late(r) teens (2002) The Dandy Warhols, to me, was the band that all the cool kids liked. At first when I saw people mention the Dandy Warhols, I’d think they were spelling Andy Warhols name wrong. And yes I did embarrassingly correct a few people. Eventually I would mindlessly agree to also loving the band when people would mention them in casual conversation. Not adding to the discussion, but I knew this was a band to care about. As I was not too internet savvy, too scared to download music, and YouTube to my knowledge did not exist in my teens eventually I forgot to look them up. And it wasn’t till 2011 The Dandy Warhols really took hold and a solid file of recognition was sorted in my mind.

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Song(s) of The Day

I enjoy posting “Song of the Day” or listening to a song and thinking this needs to be shared as SOTD, but my consistency with song(s) of the day is shameless. You would think for me a day lasted eight hundred and forty hours, give or take. Also I have this amazing ability to paste the same “amazing” song more than once over the course of a year. My solution to this debilitating SOTD problem (see a doctor if it begins to burn or itch); an excel doc! Wow I really am growing up; a part of me is so proud. I am going to be logging the songs I want to post, along with marking the day once its posted. The songs are going to be posted on Facebook and Twitter. But at the end of the month the entire list of songs I shared I will post here, for someone’s playlist making enjoyment.

This blog is my child, neglected in the past, but let’s say I went to blogger rehab, and I am determined to be a better mother; making amends. Earning its following and respect back through lots of small steps to rebuilding the trust we once had. And Blogger Social Services, will once again see me as a valued member of the blogging community.

First Official SOTD of the new My Favorite MAOI –

future song of the day follow MY FAVORITE MAOI on FACEBOOK  – other social networks can be found there as well.

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