Pelican – Trevor de Brauw

Name: Trevor de Brauw
Nickname: “Snake”
Sign: Cancer

Fruit. – Plum
Number. – 666
Gadget smartphone

Q1.Most wild and crazy thing you have done thus far in your life?
A1.My wife and I moved out to a house in rural NC. It was a zany time living in a tiny town where no one would speak to us. The house was in a state of utter disrepair and we did all the maintenance ourselves since we couldn’t afford to hire anyone. I remember the bathroom floor was so waterlogged that I had to tear it out down to the joists and rebuild the fentire subfloor. If you don’t know what that means you should hope not to find out.

Q2. Whats the most interesting thing you found lying on the street/sidewalk/ground/random place?
A2. I dumpstered a copier once, but it didn’t work. Man, the three weeks when I had a broken copier in my apartment was a glorious period in my life.

Q3. How many car accidents have you been in?
A3. Hm, two when I was a teenager, but nothing since then, luckily. Fuck car accidents.

Q4. Do you have a phobia?
A4. no comment

Q5. If you could morph into any animal what would it be?
A5. I would like to be a panda bear. Motherfuckers are cute AND fierce.

Q6. Most annoying interview question of all time!?
A6. If you could be any celebrities’ genitalia whose would you be?

Q7. Have you ever been in a food fight?
A7.No, but there was a food fight backstage at one of our shows that I did not participate in and I don’t hesitate to point the finger at Torche, the folks responsible for it. Such a waste. Tell those guys to fucking relax already.

Q8. Have you ever done a physical challenge, like drink an entire gallon of milk in an hour?
A8. I used to think about becoming a champion eater since I was able to put a lot of food away back in my twenties. Then I saw footage of actual eating contests and was so grossed out that I no longer wanted to participate. I can drink a shit ton of coffee, though.

Q9. Do you YouTube surf? Best video found?
A9. I still watch VHS tapes. I really like that Dire Straits video about MTV, though. Self-referential shit really gets my goat.

Q10. Do you have a childhood memento you keep with you always?
A10. Well, I have kept my complete lack of tact and overarching sense of irrational teenage rage intact, so sort of?

The first time I heard Pelican I was in Bakersfield for a Circa Survive concert. Opening for Circa, they went on stage and began playing these beautiful masterpieces of instrumental harmony and complex chord progressions (Trevor probably moves his fingers around a guitar faster than I can type). There was no one up to the mic, no band member to single out as a leader. Only 4 very talented musicians working together to create true artistic genius. If Mozart owned an electric guitar and Beethoven played the drums, together they would create something a little similar to the epicness that is Pelican.

please visit Pelican’s myspace page for more music

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