White Arrows


Name: Henry

Nickname: Henrí



Food. Chicken 

Season. FALL 

Cartoon. The Point  

Q1. Are you superstitious?

A1. VERY (VERY VERY) i have to say certain things 3 times

Q2. Best show you’ve ever been too?

A2. Michael Jackson when I was 4 years old. I lost my parents, and I smoked mad weed.

Q3. What have you said you would never do, but have ended up doing?

A3. Oh so many things. Smoke cigarettes. drink booze. do drugs.

Q4. Bathroom read?

A4. Got my laptop. Vice magazine.

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?

A5. Standing on my parents living room table getting down w a girl wearing only sunglasses when my mom walked in.

Q6. Do you have a phobia? Or what is your most irrational fear?


Q7. Do you have any food allergies?

A7. lactose

Q8. What’s your vice?

A8. i got my poison, and im sticking to it.

Q9. When are you most creative morning, mid day, or evening?

A9. not mornings.

Q10. You were slipped a radioactive roofie by an evil scientist and now have mutated, what’s your superpower?

A10. waka flocka FLAME

Roll down the windows and turn up the stereo, White Arrows is on the (radio). Well not really, but their catchy indie pop sound has my vintage boots tapping and my thrift store skirt twirling. If we still had indie 103.1 I wouldn’t be surprised to hear them put on the rotation. But I guess I’ll have to rely on college radio stations instead. One can’t deny that the their sound is vaguely familiar but it’s far from being un-original. Creating their distinctive style with fun songs and sing a long lyrics I would put them on every road trip *mix tape. Speaking of road trip, White Arrows will be playing Silverlake in Pomona tomorrow ($12 @ the door), so put on the ipod/mixtape and sit on the 10E, the crazy girl dancing in her car next to you…chances are that’s me!

Listen to more of White Arrows on their Myspace page.

Silverlake in Pomona 12/10 @6pm $12

*yes i use the term mix tape so much better than playlist or mix cd, true the tracks are not going on a cassette tape and will be put on a ipod playlist or cd but still….

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