Faking It – A Dandy Warhol’s Story

(stole photo from The Swollen Fox)

It came to my attention in my late(r) teens (2002) The Dandy Warhols, to me, was the band that all the cool kids liked. At first when I saw people mention the Dandy Warhols, I’d think they were spelling Andy Warhols name wrong. And yes I did embarrassingly correct a few people. Eventually I would mindlessly agree to also loving the band when people would mention them in casual conversation. Not adding to the discussion, but I knew this was a band to care about. As I was not too internet savvy, too scared to download music, and YouTube to my knowledge did not exist in my teens eventually I forgot to look them up. And it wasn’t till 2011 The Dandy Warhols really took hold and a solid file of recognition was sorted in my mind.

Like a handful of people who now are solid fans of The Dandy Warhols (and Brian Jonestown Massacre).  It was the documentary “Dig!” that turned me on, and tuned me in. A past boyfriend and I watched the documentary “Dig!” together, the catalyst for putting these puzzle pieces together.  (Ironically current boyfriend (and love of my life) was a touring member with BJM.) I’ve always really liked the songs Bohemian Like You, We Used to Be Friends, and The Last High from hearing it on streaming radio channels or in movies. But I had no idea who made those songs! I just liked them whenever they came on. I even thought Courtney was hot (I do love Androgyny) when he was an extra in Party Monster. Yet it wasn’t till “Dig!” that I had this light bulb moment, memories of the above and realizing I actually did genuinely like this band I was “pretending” to like for so many years.

Now I’m actually a real fan of The Dandy Warhols, instead of a fake fan like I played off so many years ago. Well I was a fan, I did like their music I just didn’t know I liked there music. What would you call that?

Anyways I’m still really bad sometimes with placing music to bands. But I’ve always felt The Dandy Warhols holds this special place in the “faking it” department. Because it was still during that unique time where checking to see if you truly liked a band or not was not as easy as going on YouTube or now Spotify. Admitting to anyone I didn’t actually know who the Dandy’s were, to find out what their music was like would out me, and kick me out of the cool kids table. Older and wiser I admit when I am not familiar with a band, but The Dandy’s they were basically one of the last significant bands of my “acting cooler than I am” years.  Currently, I just embrace my dorkiness and “un-coolness” if need be.  So that’s the long story of a some-what short term, knowing, love affair with The Dandy Warhols.

Hope you enjoyed!

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