I’ve been developing a YouTube channel that is a funnel for my interests, another outlet to share my thoughts and be expressive. My goal is to have a lot more art and music related content posted on the channel, a part from the silly Tag Videos and Haul purchases. An example of this was my Vlog of attending the LA Art Show a few weeks ago, well a solid month ago.

The show was an incredible visual stimulation overload. By the time we left, I was almost completely desensitized. Seeing pieces and galleries we had missed on our four hours of art absorption on the way out, I felt only the slightest tug at my art heart strings saying “turn around and see what you missed” . The LA Art Show CAN NOT be done right in one day. Even if you give yourself enough time to not be rushed, you end up skimming over pieces because something else grabs your attention more. You miss just being with each piece, and taking in all it has to tell you before your brain burns out.

While watching back at the pieces I filmed, I realized I have a strong affinity for mixed media and repurposed art. The structural and three dimensional aspects of the pieces that really grabbed my attention were so well constructed. The artistry was balanced with this technical craftsmanship that was awe-inspiring. Yet there were post modern paintings executed with classic techniques and touched upon today’s society, making them rich social artistic commentary on the world we live in today. There was so much I didn’t get on camera because I was shy. I’m getting better putting myself out there in public, and I just need to remind myself it’s for the greater good of sharing the art and the experience.

Hope you enjoy my LA ART SHOW experience!

More details on the pieces filmed after the jump.

1) Lucien Shapiro |

2) Bradley Hart |
*Injected bubble wrap
2.5 ) David Cooley | | artist mentioned in reference

3) Korean artist did not get name, it was a mixed media pix using paper.

4) Kim Dong Yoo |

5) Damien Hirst |
** A rockstar of the art world, uber famous, uber respected. Although if you say he’s your favorite artist, I’m going to roll my eyes and think you don’t really explore art. Really, he is your favorite out of all the artist. Why? Who else is in your top 3**

6) Edie Nadelhaft |

7) Andrew Myers |

8) Mark Hosford |

9) Zhuang Hong Yi |

10) I wrote down the name Jacqueline Boon but because of auto-correct on my phone it could be wrong. I can’t find a website for the artist, and didn’t get the name of the gallery. Very upsetting! If you know who did this amazing piece please comment.

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