Alex Chiu


Name: Alex Chiu
Nickname: Poopface, Alex-pants, BLAR, Blarmonster
Sign: Libra


Ice Cream: Cookies and Cream.
Color: Blue
Season : Fall

Q1. What can you not live without?
A1.Coffee. I think I drink like 3-4 cups a day. I usually drink drip; no lattes, cappuccino, frappuccinos, etc. I think it’s because I’ve been working as a coffee barista for like 4 years. They turned me into an addict. Shit.

Q2. What movie would you live in for a day? Would you be yourself or another character?
A2.This one’s a tough one. Probably Downtown 81, the documentary on the New York art scene during the early 80’s with Basquiat. I’d probably be myself and just hang out. Same deal with Style Wars.

Q3. Favorite part of what you do?
A3.Depends what I do. I do a lot of things. When I draw, I enjoy surprising myself. I never really know what I’ll see. The drawing process is like jazz for me. I just go at it and see what I create. When I make music, I enjoy the harmony. Making music has the ability to make strangers feel like family. When I spend time with my girlfriend, I like when we dream together. When you dream with another, everything seems a little more real.

Q4. If you were a cereal, which one would you be?
A4.The really should create a cereal with coffee in it. I think it’d do well. I’d be that one.

Q5. One wish, what would it be?
A5.The power to heal.

Q6. Are you superstitious?
A6. Not so much, I still like to push my luck though. Most of the time I believe in a God. Is that considered superstitious?

Q7. Pet Peeve?
A7.People that don’t give eye contact.

Q8. What’s your vice?
A8.I really like good herbs.

Q9. Best compliment ever received?
A9.James O’Barr, the Crow, once called me a pansy for putting cream in my coffee. I took it as a compliment.

Q10. Have you ever stolen a library book?
A10.Nope, but I’ve wanted to. Diary of a Genius by Dali.

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