Dabs Myla


Nickname: Dabo and M
Dessert/                           Color:              Movie:
DABS-Cherry Pie              Blue                 Royal Tenenbaums
MYLA-Pavalova                 Pink                 Dajeeling Limited

Q1.What toy did you always want as a kid but never got? Have you bought yourself that toy as an adult?
DABS: Voltron, the Black Cat, the head. No i didnt.
MYLA:A trampoline…no i havent!!Q2.If you could tour with any band (together, broken up, dead or alive) what band would it be?
A2.DABS MYLA:Dr Teeth and the Electric MayhemQ3.What secret talent do you possess?
DABS: Not sure if this counts as a secret talent, but cats always seem to like me??!
MYLA:Not sure….Q4.Do you have an irrational fear?
DABS: No I dont think I do….
MYLA:Monsters in the bathroom??!!Q5.Most rewarding moment of your life so far?
A5.DABS MYLA:Meeting each other!!Q6.When do you feel most creative?
DABS: On the dunny…
MYLA:In the morning.Q7.If you could transform into any animal on a dime, what animal kingdom would you be a part of?
DABS: Do dinosaurs count? If so, dinosaurs…not sure which one, don’t really know much about them!! Maybe I’d like to be one of the spikey ones.
MYLA: The kingdom of the sea.

Q8. You got to use a time machine for one day and one day only, where would you go?
DABS: Back to 1991, and I would stop myself from taking up cigarettes.
MYLA: November 12, 1955…just to make sure Marty is OK.

Q9. What do you think a snozberry taste like?
DABS: Bacon and raspberries.
MYLA: A combination of raspberries and blueberries.

Q10. Have you ever met someone you idolize? How was that experience?
DABS: Seen, got to go to his studio and hang out for a couple of days. It was the BEST!!!
MYLA: Yes, Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins…it was a magical day which made me think anything is possible!!

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