Nathan DeYoung – WWFPD?


Name: Nathan DeYoung
Nickname: Diddles
Sign: Aquarius

Cookie: Chocolate Chip!
Number: 13…no foolin
Organ: liver
Q1. What do you consider the most daring thing you have done thus far in your life?
A1. Attempt to make a career with my art.

Q2. If you knew that time would stop for 5 min’s on a certain day, what would you plan to do during those few minutes?
A2. I would drive like a maniac for two minutes and five seconds, than lay down in the middle of the freeway and stare at the sky for two minutes and thirty seconds and than safely return to my car with the remaining time.

Q3. Best song of all time? Or at least in the top ten?
A3. Gaaawwwddd…most impossible question ever! Hmm, well a couple (because its impossible to narrow down) of my fav. tracks are The National- Racing Like A Pro…. The Mars Volta- Miranda That Ghost Isn’t Holy Anymore: C. Pisacis (Phra-Men-Ma)….Norma Jean- A Small Spark vs. A Great Forest….Interpol- Untitled….Radiohead- Where I End And You Begin ( The Sky Is Falling In)….and on and on and on and on!

Q4. Who is the most annoying film or tv character?
A4. Any soap opera character that has ever lived…who watches those things really????

Q5. Do you clap at the end of a movie?
A5. Ohhhh you betcha! Only for the good ones though…

Q6. Childhood Ambition?
A6. I really wanted to be a professional baseball player.

Q7. Best first day of school memory?
A7. Well, it was the first day of middle school and I remember being pretty nervous and my dad actually walked with me to school that day and when it was time for me to go to class he gave me a much needed hug, smiled and while he handed me my favorite snack ( a pb&j) we caught eyes while he was still smiling and it was as if we had an entire conversation about the day and all my jitters went away for a few seconds…it was almost magical.

Q8. What animal would you transform into on a dime?
A8. A hippo…no joke!

Q9. Favorite cartoon while growing up?
A9. Total tie between “Doug” and “The Simpsons” I was hooked like an open mouth bass on those shows!

Q10. What was your first kiss like?
A10. Pretty short actually, haha. She was my first girlfriend, I thought she was so beautiful. We were in 6th grade and I was so nervous about the whole thing that it ended up being this short little peck on the lips…haha i tried to play it off really cool though..i thought to myself what would the fresh prince do??? Oh yeah, he would play this cool!

Nathan DeYoung integrates the freedom of abstract color and broad strokes with the tight delicate refinement of his breathtakingly rendered women. Creating a dream world of sense and confusion. At his show with Thinkspace gallery he better explained their existence with an attached poem to the piece. Nathan’s self taught ability is baffling yet a statement in itself to his passion and dedication. One has to put their hands in their pocket to keep from touching the canvas. With the maturity of an old master taking hundreds of hours to perfect one piece, it’s good to see he is still twenty-something at heart.

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