Christine Hale – Girls Got Cool Creds

Name: Christine Hale
Nickname: Love, Christine or Mochi
Sign: Scorpio

Food: Pizza is probably something I could never say NO to, but I love food—good, healthy ,feel good yumz.
Book. This Japanese book about other Japanese books-haha- I don’t know what it’s called but I love it so much. It just has pictures of cool looking Japanese publications.
Season: All of them, except the parts in between ( the rainy cold muddy parts).

Q1. Are you superstitious?
A1.No, but I sometimes don’t step on cracks when I’m walking down the street. Not because I think the world will fall apart, I just don’t like to.

Q2. Best show you’ve ever been too?

A2.Final Fantasy (Owen Pallete) at the Troubador.

Q3. What have you said you would never do, but have ended up doing?
A3.Drive longer than an hour to work. Eat cooked carrots.

Q4. Bathroom read?
A4.The ingredients of whatever is sitting next to me because I usually forget to grab something.

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5.I had a crush on a bookstore ( still do) and I couldn’t get the door to open so then I got really flustered, pointed at the hours of operation sign and said something like “OH THAT’S WHY!” like the store was closed and I couldn’t get in and that is why the door was so hard to open, and then I walked away. It was all a blur and I realized that the store had been open an hour, I just didn’t pay attention to it and I did all that stuff by embarrassment default. It was really bizarre. I don’t know who saw me, but I’m sure someone did.

Q6. If you were a Transformer, what car/truck would you transform into?
A6.One that transforms into a pizza.

Q7. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
A7.Garfield. He inspired me to write my first illustrated book ( in the 1st grade) about a cat and a dog and a man. Haha. I mostly just loved Odie, though.

Q8. What’s your vice?

Q9. When are you most creative morning, mid day, or evening?
A9.Late late late at night and when I have something due in a very short amount of time, or when I first wake up.

Q10. You were slipped a radioactive roofie by an evil scientist and now have mutated, what’s your superpower?

Christine Hale is not only a fresh and fun illustrator, she has amazing taste in music. The list of musicians she has made a band poster for would make the coolest of indie kids blush. I have some good cool kid creds. but this girl is at the head of the table. Talented artist with a discerning ear. And she does comics too. And she has an amazing band, The Hoof and The Heel.

I am certifiably jealous!!

Please check out her website for more work but here are a few of my favorites. And I spot an MAOI surveyed band and Nathan Deyoungs favorite animal. Click picture for a jump to their surveys.

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