Big Whup – RIP


-This band disbanded-

DD= Drew Denny (vocals, keys, guitar)
JE= Jenna Eyrich (bass, vocals)
GG= Geoff Geis (vocals, guitar)
MG= Morgan Gerstmar (viola, violin, saw, vocals)
RV= Rand Voorhies (drums, vocals)

1. Who was your first celebrity crush?
: Scott Baio. Love me some Chachi.
RV: Remember that crappy Married with Children knockoff called ‘Unhappily Ever After’? I think I had a crush on the girl who played the equivalent of Christina Applegate’s character. I was 12- give me a break.
GG: MC Hammer.
DD: Dead even: Rainbow Brite/Strawberry Shortcake.
MG: Brian May.

2. Most awkward encounter with someone you were in to?
: Most of my encounters with people I like are of the awkward kind. I thank the all-girls high school I was forced to attend for my social skillz.
MG: Boob slipped out.
GG: Hit her in the face.
RV: Trying to kiss this girl goodbye who was totally not into me. It’s a long story I guess, but believe me it was awkward.
DD: Got hit in the face.

3. Favorite childhood activity?
GG: Pickin’ boogers.
RV: Playing video games with my best friend and listening to “Motorcade of Generosity” by Cake.
MG: Pretending to be an animal (wolf, lion, griffin, dragon).
JE: I used to line up my My Little Ponies (I had about 30 of them) in a straight, single file line and move each one forward about an inch one at a time. I used to walk them all throughout the house like this. It would keep me busy for hours!
DD: Eating/horseback riding.

4. Biggest Pet Peeve?
DD: Misogyny, Manifest Destiny and smacking.
GG: Douglas screams loudly for food, every morning.
JE: Heavy doors
RV: When someone asks that kind of question to which it’s not possible to answer both politely and intelligently. My favorite example is when someone asked this guy Charles Babbage “Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into your machine the wrong figures, will the right answers come out?” Mr. Babbage’s only answer was “I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.”
MG: Small eyes.

5. What TV show would you want to be on? And why?
DD: 30 Rock! Tina Fey is my hero.
RV: Law and Order SVU. Mostly I just want to hang out with/be Stabler.
MG: Who Wants to be a Millionaire, duh.
JE: Weeds. I don’t really do or sell drugs, but I think it would be neat to be a drug lord.
GG: Some game show, because I like prizes.

6. Do you have a phobia? If not, what fear of yours is down right close to a phobia?
MG: Triskaidekaphobia. *
JE: I’m afraid of spiders. Mostly I’m afraid of that movie that’s about being afraid of spiders.
GG: My fears aren’t particularly phobic in nature.
RV: Spiders. Definitely spiders.
DD: Gang rape.

7. Coffee Bean or Starbucks? How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
JE: I prefer a homemade coffee. Or a McCafe beverage. I drink about 4 cups of coffee a day.
RV: Starbucks, just because I don’t even know where a Coffee Bean is. Actually, we have this awesome espresso machine in my lab that grinds and brews a really really good cup of coffee when you hit a button, and then cleans itself. When we first got it I was drinking around 24 oz of espresso a day, but I’ve cut down a lot.
GG: Teddy Roosevelt drank a gallon of coffee every day.
DD: My kitchen- BOOYA. Since the kidney stones, I’ve switched to tea.
MG: Coffee Bean but I always go to Starbucks when I have money. As many cups as needed.

8. When do you feel most creative?
RV: Those few seconds right before I fall asleep.
JE: Mornings and evenings. Afternoons totally zap my creativity.
DD: Just before waking/while in the shower/post-masturbation.
MG: When I’m in a creative mood
GG: It really varies.

9. What do you wish you were better at?
JE: Mind control
DD: Sleeping! Not taking things personally? Gamelan.
MG: Pretty much everything I do…
RV: Following my gut. I tend to weigh my options too much.
GG: Interviews.

10. Did you have your wisdom teeth pulled?
GG: The drugs they gave me were far worse than the surgery itself.
DD: They did not give me ANY laughing gas. They broke all 4 of my wisdom teeth in my jaw before they pulled them out in bloody bits. They would not let me keep them.
MG: Yep!
RV: Yeah, all 6 of them. I know, I’m the missing link.
JE: Yes. And I liked it.

*Triskaidekaphobia= fear of the number 13
I’m one of the newer fans to this grand band Big Whup.
Now you can be a fan of Big Whup too!

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