Say Hi – Ringo Star to the Rescue


Name: Eric
Nickname: The Guy
Sign: Virgo.

Ice Cream: Rocky Road.
Book: Infinite Jest.
Color: Black.

Q1. What animal trait do you wish to possess? 
A1. Flight.

Q2. What superhero would be your sidekick? What villain would you go after first?
A2.   Ringo Starr.Beat Detective.

Q3. Bathroom read?
A3. Tape-Op.

Q4. Where and When in time would you go? 
A4. Here and Now.

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment? 
A5. Most of ’em.

Q6. Best compliment ever received?
A6. I hate compliments.

Q7. What do you admire in a person? 
A7. A paunch.

Q8. When do you feel most creative? 
A8. Coffee.

Q9. What 80’s movie would you live in for a day? Who would you be? 
A9. Ghostbusters. A Ghostbuster.

Q10. Biggest Pet Peeve? 
A10. People who use cellphones at rock shows.

Authentic. The music that makes up Say Hi is authentic. It possess a genuine honesty that’s simple and comforting, like hot chocolate with little marshmallows. And I’m afraid to use the word simple as I do not want to insult the music for it has grown and developed over the past 7 years in a beautiful organic way. But I find there is such poignancy in simplicity. With Say Hi I feel there is no flashy gimmick or a care if a song will be radio worthy. You don’t hear marketing coming through his albums, you hear an honest musician, that loves his music. One step away from being acoustic, Say Hi is music with out all the junk.

Please visit Say Hi website and myspace page for more music.

Also add his FB page

He responds to every post and comment a fan leaves, now tell me that’s not a genuine person!

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