Recipe for The Sweet Hurt

This is one of my favorite post from the past, and The Sweet Hurt just finished touring with A Fine Frenzy.


The sigh of love at first sight captured in a mason jar
A thimble full of tears from a broken heart
A cup of petals from your favorite parks wild flowers
The scent of sugar cookies and their pillow
The air of a road trip through a long stretch of open road
A first kiss
Autumn leaves
Dash of hope
Pinch of whimsy

Stir in a large bowl with a wooden spoon
Roll out dough
Use cookie cutters with cute shapes

And bake at 375 F. for 25 minutes.

At the timers ring you have the delightful sweet treat of The Sweet Hurt.

This girl has more talent in her pinky finger than most popular musicians. It’s only a matter of time before her warm and earnest lyrics find its way to the masses ears and have their hearts swoon falling in love to her milk and honey voice. The Sweet Hurt could share a stage and open for Jenny Lewis and the crowd might forget who they were originally there to see. I’m itching to see where she goes in the next few years as I will be completely flabbergasted if I’m not seeing them play the Main Stage at Sunset Junction and be on the bill for yes dare I mention it, Coachella. These are mighty words I spew I know but I believe in this band just that much.

*This was originally written in 2010, funny how Sunset Junction is now bankrupt, time sure does fly.

Please listen to their amazing new LP as your heart might melt and mend all at the same time

The Sweet Hurt LP

The Sweet Hurt Myspace

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