Matrushka Construction (Clothing Store/ Fashion Designer)


I’m no stranger to the streets of Silver Lake but for the first time last November I stumbled into Matrushka Construction, a store on Sunset Blvd in the buzz of Sunset Junction. It was love at first sight! With the philosophy “size is relative” hanging on every tag, Matrushka offers complimentary tailoring on all clothing they sell in order to get the perfect fit for you. After strolling through the brightly colored dresses and unique glass jewelry from a local designer, I knew I wanted to know more about this adorable store and who was behind it. When I returned home I emailed the owner of Matrushka and she promptly replied back. So yes, I have been holding on to this survey since November 2012. And as I have not been great at posting, I took it as an obvious nudge from the universe this weekend when I happened to see Matrushka in my favorite coffee table book, Bohemian Modern. (which I happened to be looking through for the first time in years). So without further ado here is my interview with owner Laura Howe of Matrushka Construction.

Name: Laura Howe



Book: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Color: Green

Time of Day: dusk

MAOI:  Do you remember where you were when the thought bubble that would be Matrushka Construction popped into you head?

Laura: I was in Silver Lake when Matrushka came to be….

MAOI: How would you describe Matrushka Construction in three words?

Laura: Uniquely-Smart-Fashion

MAOI:  How long did it take for Matrushka Construction, to go from concept to creation?

Laura: It took 2 weeks to go from conception to creation.


MAOI: Nothing worth having is easy, what do you feel was the biggest road block to getting Matrushka Construction going?

Laura: The biggest road blocks were money.

MAOI: What is most rewarding about having Matrushka Construction in operation?

Laura: Nothing feels better than seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when they get something that makes them feel good.

MAOI: What were you doing before Matrushka Construction?

Laura: Before Matrushka I was producing fine Art and fabricating installations in museums.

MAOI: Words to live by?  Words of advice (for life)?

Laura: Size is relative and the proof is in the pudding!

MAOI: What is your spirit animal?

Laura: Squirrels, they are always moving, always focused, and always gathering.

MAOI: What makes you happy?

Laura: The trees in the forest. The water in the falls.

Matrushka Construction | 3822 W. Sunset Blvd. , Los Angeles, CA 90026 | FACEBOOK


after thought: 
Just as size is relative so is taste in fashion. And as much as I love a few dress designs from Matrushka Construction,  there are others that aren’t my style at all. Which in one respect is great for designer Laura as she appeals to lots of different styles (as well as shapes). Even if you don’t see anything that grabs your eye on the Matrushka website, I recommend stopping in the store on your next stroll through Silver Lake. The printed fabrics alone will excite any creative individual. 

*Photos taken from Matrushka Construction Facebook Profile

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