Another Indefinite Hiatus

My Favorite MAOI has been struggling to get my focus over the last 3 years. In sad attempts to bring it back, its never hit that glory of its first few years. I will never stop being interested in music, art, or finding inspiration all around me. I’m just changing where I share that information. One of my biggest dreams has been to drive around the country and explore folk art, local music scenes, and do a few studio visits. I’m working hard right now to make that dream come true. A part of that is to build my audience, but not on this blog. I’m directing my focus on Blanket Fort Adventures, which is an online reflection of everything that excites me. I encourage you to check out the about me.

If you happen to stumble on this site because of one of the awesome fun interviews I did or somehow I captured Googles attention and you like what you read, please say hi by tweeting me at @basicallybekka — you’ll make my day!

I don’t think I will ever give up My Favorite MAOI as its my first blog child. We’ve been through so much together, and I’m already committed to owning the domain forever. It’s in the WILL future children. But for now I leave you all with the following…


Phoenix Art District for the win!

Never have I seen so many colorful and fun murals in one area. In Los Angeles the street art is spread out, from Downtown to Santa Monica behind buildings and down alleys. But Phoenix art district has stepped it up and put us to shame with its art district. Art District in Los Angeles means a collection of art galleries, with modest store fronts and a few wheat paste signs sprinkled on walls or light post. But in Phoenix, it is a collection of larger than life expressions of creativity. I came upon Roosevelt Street on accident. Deciding to venture out past my comfort zone established by where I had been staying during my little weekend getaway. We ventured to the “other side” of the ten freeway and found a tasty place for lunch, afterwards I intentionally turned down this and that street on my way back to the freeway when I turned down Roosevelt and was compelled to stop. SO MANY MURALS!

Won’t lie, a few illegal u-turns were made in the process. Having to park my car a second time after I drove further down the street and spotted more amazing murals. I don’t usually stop and enjoy street art. I notice it and then keep moving on in my vehicle. Not anymore! I’m really motivated to just pull over my car for a quick second and take a picture. Unlike these gorgeous and fun pieces that will be up for a while, some of the murals/ street art in Los Angeles you never know when it will disappear. These are just a few of the murals I took pictures of as we were in a bit of a rush, but there are way more to see and check out!

More information on Phoenix Art District



Matrushka Construction (Clothing Store/ Fashion Designer)


I’m no stranger to the streets of Silver Lake but for the first time last November I stumbled into Matrushka Construction, a store on Sunset Blvd in the buzz of Sunset Junction. It was love at first sight! With the philosophy “size is relative” hanging on every tag, Matrushka offers complimentary tailoring on all clothing they sell in order to get the perfect fit for you. After strolling through the brightly colored dresses and unique glass jewelry from a local designer, I knew I wanted to know more about this adorable store and who was behind it. When I returned home I emailed the owner of Matrushka and she promptly replied back. So yes, I have been holding on to this survey since November 2012. And as I have not been great at posting, I took it as an obvious nudge from the universe this weekend when I happened to see Matrushka in my favorite coffee table book, Bohemian Modern. (which I happened to be looking through for the first time in years). So without further ado here is my interview with owner Laura Howe of Matrushka Construction.

Name: Laura Howe



Book: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Color: Green

Time of Day: dusk

MAOI:  Do you remember where you were when the thought bubble that would be Matrushka Construction popped into you head?

Laura: I was in Silver Lake when Matrushka came to be….

MAOI: How would you describe Matrushka Construction in three words?

Laura: Uniquely-Smart-Fashion

MAOI:  How long did it take for Matrushka Construction, to go from concept to creation?

Laura: It took 2 weeks to go from conception to creation.


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The Hedgehog (Coffee Shop)

2201 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 – Eastside Eat/ Echo Park
(photo courtesy from:

I’m excited to bring the first inspiration story for 2013; she is Erin, owner of Hedgehog Café!

Owner/Manager: Erin West

Favorite :
Book. Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace (because it was the most influential when I was a teenager in the 90s, but there are one million “favorite books”!)
Color – yellow
Season – Seattle summer (but it’s 17 non-consecutive days long)

THe Hedgehog _ Put a Bird on It

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SPGT KIDS – Designer Bobby Adams


Name: Robert Andre Adams IV
Nickname: Bobby

Sign: Scorpion

Cookie. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Color. Orange and black
Time of day. breakfast

Q1. If you could go anywhere in time where would it be and why?
A1. 60’s London. The music

Q2. If you owned a parrot, what would you teach it to say??
A2. Polly want a cracker. Duh.

Q3. Most exciting moment of your life thus far?
A3. Seeing Paul McCartney second row at the Hollywood Bowl

Q4. Do you have a lucky charm?
A4. Nope

Q5. If your artwork (clothing line) was a cereal, which one would is be and why?
A5. probably trix. trix are for kids

Q6. If you were in Willy Wonka’s factory, what would you be looking forward to the most?
A6. The soda that makes you float

Q7a. What do you miss most about being a kid?
A7. Riding my bike to any of my friends houses and knocking on their door to see if they can play

Q7b. What the best thing about being an adult?
A8. Not having to ask their parents

Q8. First show (music) did you ever go to?
A8. Im gonna regret this… Spice Girls

Q9. If you knew when the world was going to freeze for ten minutes, what would you plan to do in those 10mins?
A9. Take a nap

Q10. What animal trait do you wish to possess?
A10. owl night vision

Some of the designers, creators, and crafters that are found on Etsy are completely inspiring with their DIY attitude. And I felt the blog needed a bit more *unconventional inspiration. Bobby Adams of Spaghetti Kids loves to style kids in hip gear that would be rocked by their parental counterpart. With hoodies, pullovers, and cute cardigans Bobby plays with patterns and colors making clothes only the coolest kids could adorn. The signature *hamburger patch isn’t all about heart health but you can’t but help falling in love with the stylish designs of Spaghetti Kids!

Check out his Etsy store!

*unconventional inspiration because art and music are always seen as sources of inspiration
* hamburger- unless that hamburger is a veggiburger which in that case mow-down!

Dallas Clayton – Rad Dad!


Dallas Clayton is an award winning author of an awesome book titled An Awesome Book. With a fun and freeing style of illustration he has shared a special story with kids through his book tour. I stumbled on his webpage a while ago and his poems bring me such glee.

I hope you will enjoy a Dallas Clayton survey with me.

Name: Dallas Clayton
Nickname: Dallas Clayton
Sign: “Rad”

Cookie: Delicious
Number: Pi
Organ: Hammond

Q1.What toy did you always want as a kid but never got? Have you bought yourself that toy as an adult?
A1. I can’t say I remember. I was really into making things, playing in the woods, running around, that sort of thing. As an adult I have afforded myself the luxury of doing just that every day. Victory!

Q2.If you could tour with any band (together, broken up, dead or alive) what band would it be?
A2. 3 way tie between (in their prime) Minor Threat, N.W.A. and Zeppelin

Q3.What secret talent do you possess?
A3. I can fly

Q4.Do you have an irrational fear?
A4. No

Q5.Most rewarding moment of your life so far?

A5. Having a child.

Q6.When do you feel most creative?
A6. When I see something awesome and it inspires me to do more.

Q7.If you could transform into any animal on a dime, what animal kingdom would you be a part of?
A7. Birds.

Q8.You got to use a time machine for one day and one day only, where would you go?
Q8. The future.

Q9. What do you think a snozberry taste like?
A9. Acai.

Q10. Have you ever met someone you idolize? How was that experience?
A10. Can’t say I idolize anyone really but I’ve met a lot of rad people. Mostly the are just people.


Is it because of television
or magazines
or nature
or parents good intentions
that a child
stands at a foggy bathroom mirror
between class periods
practicing what it will feel like
to tell someone he doesn’t know very well
“I love you.”


What does it mean to you
to be disappointed?
When you imagine disappointment
does it have a face?
A scowl ike an ugly high school thing
coming back at you from the past?
It’d be nice if we could put a face
on all those emotions
that scare us into mediocrity.
Make it easier to poke out their eyes.


There are crazy people out there
who talk to cats
and see ghosts in their food.
They’re all over the place-
driving the bus,
making a bagel,
locked up somewhere you don’t have to look at.
There are crazy people out there
and many having a better time than you.