Phoenix Art District for the win!

Never have I seen so many colorful and fun murals in one area. In Los Angeles the street art is spread out, from Downtown to Santa Monica behind buildings and down alleys. But Phoenix art district has stepped it up and put us to shame with its art district. Art District in Los Angeles means a collection of art galleries, with modest store fronts and a few wheat paste signs sprinkled on walls or light post. But in Phoenix, it is a collection of larger than life expressions of creativity. I came upon Roosevelt Street on accident. Deciding to venture out past my comfort zone established by where I had been staying during my little weekend getaway. We ventured to the “other side” of the ten freeway and found a tasty place for lunch, afterwards I intentionally turned down this and that street on my way back to the freeway when I turned down Roosevelt and was compelled to stop. SO MANY MURALS!

Won’t lie, a few illegal u-turns were made in the process. Having to park my car a second time after I drove further down the street and spotted more amazing murals. I don’t usually stop and enjoy street art. I notice it and then keep moving on in my vehicle. Not anymore! I’m really motivated to just pull over my car for a quick second and take a picture. Unlike these gorgeous and fun pieces that will be up for a while, some of the murals/ street art in Los Angeles you never know when it will disappear. These are just a few of the murals I took pictures of as we were in a bit of a rush, but there are way more to see and check out!

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3 thoughts on “Phoenix Art District for the win!

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