Kevin Peterson – Artful Chunky Monkey


Name: Kevin Peterson
Nickname: K. Peterman, Kelvin, Uptown, K. Pumpernickle, Roger Pudactor, Kpeezy
Sign: Taurus

Breakfast food– Donuts!
Scent– Donuts!
Flower– Donuts! I mean Lilies.

Q1. How many times have you been pulled over? And why?
A1.Like ever?? I dont know -several. Expired registration, inspection, driving without headlights, tail light out. Littering (i know thats bad but i was just a stupid kid). Curfew violation (also a stupid kid). Im not a speeder though!

Q2. What animal is your spirit guide?

Q3. What’s your vice?
A3.Peanut butter cups. Donuts! Oh and nicorette.

Q4.If you could live in a movie for a day, which movie would it be? Would you be yourself or another character?
A4.The Departed. I’d be Marky- Mark, I think hes the only one who makes it out alive.

Q5.If your art was an ice cream flavor which one would it be?
A5.Chunky Monkey – cuz I like things that rhyme.

Q6.Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
A6.I dont think so.

Q7. Personal Quote?
A7.”Be the change you want to see in the world” I dont usually get the credit for it – but yeah- that was all me.

Q8.Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs?
A8.Maybe- but I dont pay much attention. I had to look up how to spell Taurus.

Q9.Do you drink coffee? If so how many cups a day?
A9.For sure- 3 or 4

Q10. Best show you have ever been too?
A10.I really loved Will Cotton’s show at Mary Boone last year with the big gingerbread houses.

 I fell in love with Kevin Peterson’s work the moment I saw the juxtaposition of innocent children in a graffiti filled playground. They are as at home as they would be running across lush green fields. He captures their expressions with his talent for realism. From the texture of the walls that colorful writing is drawn to the strands of hair that fall down the child’s face; Kevin draws you in and dares you to see if it’s a painting or photograph.

check out his website and add him on facebook

Eric Joyner – Cup of Joe and Doughnut Art


Name: Eric Joyner
Nickname: E shizzle
Sign: Aries

Drink. Makers Mark (straight) Grade. 12 Cleaning product. Armour All

Q1. What animal trait do you wish to possess?
A1.To swim like a dolphin.

Q2. What superhero would be your sidekick?
A2. Bat Girl

Q3. Bathroom read?
A3. on my Iphone

Q4. Where and When in time would you go?
A4.San Francisco in the 1930’s

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5. Right now, totally blanking on this question! Forgive me…

Q6. Best compliment ever received?
A6. A fan told me he bought a copy of my book a year ago, & said it was the best thing he ever did.

Q7. What do you admire in a person?
A7. A good listening ability and a sense of humor.

Q8. When do you feel most creative?
A8. Ideas come best at 4 am & painting is best when I desperately want to do something else or just feeling very antsy.

Q9. What 80’s movie would you live in for a day?
A9. Who would you be? Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back

Q10. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A10. Hang overs.

Eric Joyner creates this amazing world consisting of collected vintage robots and a favorite breakfast treat donuts. But he doesn’t ignore other colorful sweet delights as cupcakes and other frosted goods are also depicted in this Iron Giants meets Corner Bakery land of carefree whimsy. Step away from this world and let your imagination run rampit staring into one of Eric’s timeless pieces.



His show “Donut Logic” opens this Saturday August, 14 at Corey Helford Gallery.

Greg “Craola” Simkins – Little Squirt


Name: Greg Simkins
Nickname: Craola
Sign; what? You don’t believe that nonsense do you?

Cookie. Book. Color: Chocolate Chip, Watership Down, Green

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A1. What’s a Spirit guide? If I could have an animal as a tour guide however, I would probably want it to be the docile Giant Anteater. What a majestic creature, full of life and vigor… And ants.

Q2. you had a parrot what would you teach it to say?

A2. Probably Hello, just like every other schmuck out there.

Q3. What superhero would you make your sidekick?
A3 Aquaman, and I would make fun of him all day and call him little squirt.

Q4. What do you admire in a person?
A4 Good manners.

Q5. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A5 Awkard pauses in……conversations

Q6 Favorite amusement park and ride?
A6 Disneyland, Dumbo

Q7. Best vacation memory?
A7 Christmas in Big Bear when I was 5

Q8. Childhood ambition?
A8 To be a Veterinarian

Q9. Best compliment ever received?
A9 “Wow! That’s amazing how you didn’t screw that blending up this time on the background”

Q10. What do you wish was invented?
A10. Hands down, a Hover Board. Thanks back to the future for putting that one in my head as a kid and never following through.

Greg “Craola” Simkins artwork is reminiscent of Renaissance painting with its decadent fabrics and rich color but possess a modern manipulated composition. One will not find the portraits of patrons or a biblical passage but his own voice ringing clear through his paintings. Simkins sent me more photos that I will be sharing on the blog later this week. For more information visit Simkins website.