Derek Gores – Art Feels Like Sex


Name: Derek Gores
Nickname: a few people call me Dodge
Sign: whatever is January 19

Food. : today i vote shepherd’s pie with black and tan.
Book. gonna pick a few…:
Picasso at Lapine Agile by Steve Martin
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig
Une semaine de bonté by Max Ernst
Season. All


1Q. How many times have you been pulled over? And why?
1A. ehhhh speeding a few times in my 20’s…. but lamest was as a late teen i was pulled over driving dad’s old lincoln and guess my bright lights were on but the car was ‘upposed to take care of that whole thing for me but alas it. did. not. mr police didn’t care. but i’ve moved on.

2Q. What animal is your spirit guide?
2A. a tortoise i sometimes see when i go on pensive runs through trails at the local park. (extra points for saying pensive?)

3Q. What’s your vice?
3A. maybe that making art feels like sex. i stopped using brushes much because i want to feel the canvas, feel the paper, feel the slippppery glue under my fingertips. and searching for the imagery, is like creating my own longings…. things i did/will/want to find… i create my own psychedelics in the art apparently.

oops i meant to just say “peanut m&m’s”

4Q. If you could live in a movie for a day, which movie would it be? Would you be yourself or another character?
4A. i might choose john dunbar from dances with wolves… doubt and disappointment and what should i do about it. or Willy Wonka with his nonsense now and then or maybe someone in the Duran Duran ‘Chauffeur’ video.

5Q. If your art was an ice cream flavor which one would it be?
5A. chocolate chip maybe. is there Kiwis and Rain flavor?

6Q. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
6A. nah other than stuff I drew but I don’t think they were aware of me.

7Q. Personal Quote?
7A. if it looks good, it is good.

8Q. Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs?
8A.Not really, but I like the idea of analyzing the mystery… I’m glad they exist but I prefer a more self-made approach.

9Q. Do you drink coffee? If so how many cups a day?
9A. i’ve “recently started liking” coffee again. i have 3/4 of a cup. not because i have self control, and not because i drink slowly and it gets cold. its because i have a child-sized coffee maker.

10Q. Best show you have ever been too?
10A. Robot Love, in Melbourne, Florida 2009. I caught a glimpse of how far we can push this thing and activate a moment, a room, a crowd, a town

Derek Gores is the lastest “OMG did you see what he made” artist to come to my attention. His beautiful collaged materpieces are far from the elmers glue and seventeen magazine art projects of my High School days. If you ever doubted the strength of collage in the fine art world, one only needs to stand in front of Dereks work for a few minutes to realize, YOU ARE A FOOL!!

Please check out more of Derek’s work at his website

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