So the other day I saw… HAIM


I attended my first show of 2014 last Wednesday, and let me tell you, I Had An Incredible Most excellent show going experience.

On Tuesday an unidentified number texted me asking if I wanted to go see HAIM, or if I knew anyone who would want to see them; I love HAIM but I was cautious to immediately sign myself up for a mystery date.  Especially as I could potentially catch HAIM at another point in time, although they don’t have any shows scheduled in SO CAL except for Coachella. Which I don’t have tickets to attend.  So when the person identified themselves as my cousin, I was fully onboard till I was told it was at 1pm. The responsible adult/employee in me was hesitant to skip out on work so early, but as the show was only 15 minutes from my job. I decided on an Executive Life decision, and there was no way I was missing this great FREE show.  Plus if my work really needed me I could always return after.

I woke before dawn while the full moon was still high, and arrived at work at 6:00am. Yes, 6:00am in order to get a decent half day in. Then around 11:00am, I scurried off and went to KROQ studios to meet my cousin and hang out in a scorching line. After sweating the ginger beer from the previous night out of my pores, they opened doors at 1:00pm and we stood in the surprisingly small and amazing venue that is KROQ’s Redbull Sound Stage. It’s a little smaller than the Echo, and made for a very intimate experience.

Striker was hosting the show, and asked the audience for a few questions to ask the band. I was hesitant to raise my hand and missed my chance, although I would have asked, “What is your individual spirit animal; and what is the band’s spirit animal?” I will hold onto this for another day. I’ve decided to have 5 random questions at the ready for wonderous experiences like this, never shall I miss an opportunity again! Viva!

Alright well the band came on and the three sisters are as real and charming as can be. I didn’t realize they had only played LA until about last year, and have been together as a band for about 7 years.  These ultra talented musicians have my unyielding respect, really developing their music on stage and working on building an organic fan base.  They are good performers with a solid energy, there music isn’t a total riot fest but they definitely put their heart in the songs and it was felt. Also Este’s bass face, it is well…pretty amazing.  Their was a tall gentleman standing right in front of me so most of the time all I could see was Este, as a guy’s cell phone was usually blocking baby HAIM (Alana). Danielle is just a totally rocker chick, wearing an oversized treasured thrift store t-shirt. She is not about glamour, just playing her music.

With the onslaught of female singers in the indie/pop music realm; MS MR, Sky Ferreira, CHRVCHES, Lorde etc…it’s easy to lump this trio in with the rest of them and call it a day. But they know how to play their instruments. And the drum circle at the end, oh I’d pay to see that again, because it just vibrates your blood.

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