So the other day I saw… HAIM


I attended my first show of 2014 last Wednesday, and let me tell you, I Had An Incredible Most excellent show going experience.

On Tuesday an unidentified number texted me asking if I wanted to go see HAIM, or if I knew anyone who would want to see them; I love HAIM but I was cautious to immediately sign myself up for a mystery date.  Especially as I could potentially catch HAIM at another point in time, although they don’t have any shows scheduled in SO CAL except for Coachella. Which I don’t have tickets to attend.  So when the person identified themselves as my cousin, I was fully onboard till I was told it was at 1pm. The responsible adult/employee in me was hesitant to skip out on work so early, but as the show was only 15 minutes from my job. I decided on an Executive Life decision, and there was no way I was missing this great FREE show.  Plus if my work really needed me I could always return after.

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Song(s) of The Day

I enjoy posting “Song of the Day” or listening to a song and thinking this needs to be shared as SOTD, but my consistency with song(s) of the day is shameless. You would think for me a day lasted eight hundred and forty hours, give or take. Also I have this amazing ability to paste the same “amazing” song more than once over the course of a year. My solution to this debilitating SOTD problem (see a doctor if it begins to burn or itch); an excel doc! Wow I really am growing up; a part of me is so proud. I am going to be logging the songs I want to post, along with marking the day once its posted. The songs are going to be posted on Facebook and Twitter. But at the end of the month the entire list of songs I shared I will post here, for someone’s playlist making enjoyment.

This blog is my child, neglected in the past, but let’s say I went to blogger rehab, and I am determined to be a better mother; making amends. Earning its following and respect back through lots of small steps to rebuilding the trust we once had. And Blogger Social Services, will once again see me as a valued member of the blogging community.

First Official SOTD of the new My Favorite MAOI –

future song of the day follow MY FAVORITE MAOI on FACEBOOK  – other social networks can be found there as well.

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So Many Wizards – so many reasons to love…


Name:Nima Kazerouni
Nickname: ha, no thanks
Sign: Leo

color: green
Day: Sunday Food: albacore sushi

Q1. What can you not live without?
A1. The world wide web, working on changing this…

Q2.What movie would you live in for a day? Would you be yourself or another character?
A2. What About Bob. Ide be Leo Marvin but do things very different. Everytime i watch this film i always want matters to unfold differently.

Q3. Favorite part of what you do?
A3. Harnessing The energy in a good crowd

Q4.If you were a cereal, which one would you be?
A4. Lucky Charms

Q5. One wish, what would it be?
A5. Teleport to any place on earth

Q6. Are you superstitious?
A6. Yes but I’m trying not to be

Q7.Pet Peeve?
A7. A messy bedroom

Q8. Whats your vice?
A8. Absent minded, always losing my things

Q9. Best compliment ever received?
A9. Best compliments are genuine ones regarding any aspect of my music making. There’s been some very good ones sent from all over this globe. Thank you! 

Q10. Have you ever stolen a library book?
A10. Goodness no. But I have lost my fair share in the past. Had to pay 100 dollars in fines for lost and late books more than once … The library loves me

See this amazing band at Silverlake Lounge Tonight!!!
And be So Many Wizards friend

*UPDATE 12/2/12- Three years later I am still a huge fan of So Many Wizards and now all of its talented members. When I first saw Nima play the Silverlake Lounge, the same night this post was originally published. It was him on stage with programmed television sets that played disjointed scenes from old movies. With his friend assisting on guitar or pull string toy for a few tunes. So Many Wizards was Nima’s inspired music invention which has grown from televised band mates to live flesh rocking out on stage. I’ve loved watching the band grow and evolve into one of LA’s favorite local bands. From rowdy mosh pits in Pasadena to packed shows during their Echo residency, SMW has garnered an international fan base, thousands of followers, and rave write ups online and on the gloss (glossy paper that is- printed press). Well deserved, hard earned, and a pleasure to all who has enjoyed their music. p.s. Did I forget to mention Lou Reed has called him up regarding the song Nico, I don’t know the details but apparently it was played on a radio show. Although I do think I heard this story for the first time when we were chatting at Spaceland, and yes it was still called Spaceland then….or I think it was.