Jacub Gagnon – Scooby Doo Waa?


Name: Jacub Gagnon
Nickname: Man-cub
Sign: The Water Bearer

Ice Cream.Lime ice (also anything chocolate!),
Book. Fantasy novels…..and Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers,
Color. Orange

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?

A1. Manbearpig; half man, half bear and half pig.

Q2. If you had a parrot what would you teach it to say?

A2. I would probably teach it my weekly itinerary and have it repeat it to me often as I am the worst with dates and remembering things.

Q3. What superhero would you make your sidekick?

A3. I’m not sure if Scooby Doo is considered a super hero but he would definitely be my sidekick if he is. I love dogs way too much and oddly enough have hair similar to Shaggy. We would make a good duo!

Q4. What do you admire in a person?

A4. Genuiness

Q5. Biggest Pet Peeve?

A5. People that are overly confident to the point of rudeness.

Q6 Favorite amusement park and ride?

A6. Canada’s Wonderland-The Wild Beast! And at little podunk fairs I love The Zipper!

Q7. Best vacation memory?

A7. Eating Crepes while walking the canal in Paris.

Q8. Childhood ambition?

A8. There was a brief period of time where I wanted to be a miner. I’d go into caves with a pick axe and dig up jewels and nuggets of gold the size of my fist….It didn’t take long to realize that it doesn’t quite work like that. Probably one of the biggest upsets of my childhood.

Q9. Best compliment ever received?

A9. One time someone said my paintings were ‘neato!’ It’s a fine compliment and I am genuinely happy that people think as much!

Q10. What do you wish was invented?

A10. potbellied elephants (miniature sized elephants the size of a potbellied pig)

In the spotlight Jacub captures nature inspired surreal moments, decorated with toys and nick nacks, little found treasures; his work is a dark whimsy. Set behind a black backdrop, his subjects dance in contradiction. Tiny  elephants and vagabond birds, a house that sits on a dead dandelion; creates a composition suspended in the realm of imagination. His attention to detail only helps intensify and create the illusion that is Gagnon’s  surreal wonderland.

please check out more of Jacub Gagnon’s work on his website.

Tran Nguyen – Meet Transter!


Name: Tran ( pronounced Tron) Nguyen
Nickname: Mega-Tran, Voltran, Tranny
Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Superhero,Color,Season: Mom & dad, Turquoise, Autumn

Q1. How many times have you been pulled over? And why?
A1. Once. I ran passed a “Do Not Enter” sign at school so campus security pulled me over and started scolding me. I almost cried.

Q2. What animal is your spirit guide?
A2. People say I act like a bunny…so I guess, a bunny? I’d much rather prefer a ferocious mountain lion or an ass-kicking wallaby.

Q3. What’s your vice?
A3. I love burnt food, especially burnt honey-roasted ham. The blacker, the better…mmm…carcinogenic food.

Q4. If you could live in a movie for a day, which movie would it be? Would you be yourself or another character?
A4. John Nash from A Beautiful Mind — So I can see how it feels to be so smart yet so insane and what courage it took to overcome it.

Q5. If your art was an ice cream flavor which one would it be?
A5. The non-diary kind because I’m somewhat lactose intolerant. Melancholic Mango Sorbet.

Q6. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
A6. Unfortunately no, my real friends wouldn’t leave me alone.

Q7. Personal Quote?
A7. “Well, it could be worse.”

Q8. Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs?
A8. Not really, I’ll flip to the back of a magazine to read it but mainly for entertainment purposes.

Q9. Do you drink coffee? If so how many cups a day?
A9. I try to keep it at a maximum of one a day + 5 cups of green tea.

Q10. Best show you have ever been too?
A10. Technically, it’s not a show but I would have to say my dad’s Naturalization Oath Ceremony. Twenty years ago, we came to the U.S. without anything – money, clothes, or a home. Now, after all his sweat and tears, my brothers and I have everything we ever needed and more. To him, the naturalization certificate embodied the years of us having nothing to everything. Yes, my dad (and mom) is pretty kick-ass.

Glenn Arthur


Name: Glenn Arthur
Nickname: Glenny
Sign: Aquarius

Ice Cream: Strawberry
Book: The kind I can color in.
Color: Black (but only until they come out with something darker)

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A1.Not sure. I hope it’s a hummingbird…and if it’s not then I’ll just lie and say it is 😉

Q2. If you had a parrot what would you teach it to say?
A2.”Get off my lawn!”

Q3. What superhero would you make your sidekick?
A3.Wonder Woman for sure. But only if i get to fly the invisible jet!

Q4. What do you admire in a person?
A4.Intelligent vulgarity.

Q5. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A5.People who drive like idiots!!!

Q6. Favorite amusement park and ride?
A6.Disneyland totally. The Pirates Of The Caribbean without a doubt. Yo Ho!

Q7. Best vacation memory?
A7.Birthday trip to San Jose for a Friday the 13th midnight flashlight tour through The Winchester Mystery House. SO RAD!!!

Q8. Childhood ambition?
A8.Coloring in the lines, climbing trees (without falling out) and launching myself farther than my sister off the swing set!!!

Q9. Best compliment ever received?
A9.You have a very attractive hairline. HAHA…WTF?!?

Q10. What do you wish was invented?
A10. A dream video recorder. Although my dreams probably aren’t suitable for public viewing.

Visit Glenn Arthur’s Website