Last Night of Local Natives Residency Spaceland 2009

Here is the said Article mentioned in the below rejection letter, still one of the best shows I’ve ever been too. 


Local Natives have stormed their way through the indie rock world and I believe possess a future akin to fellow Silver Lake alum such as Silversun Pickups, Cold War Kids, and Airborne Toxic Event. Back home after the Daytrotter Barn Tour the boys set up a Monday night residency for August at hipster haven Spaceland. If you’re 21+, own a plaid shirt, and listen to the dancey folk beats of the new indie wave, then this is your spot. With the Fun band, led by former The Format singer Nate Russ, and Henry Clay People on the bill to open for Local Natives the line began around 8 and was fully wrapped around the building and down a block by 8:45, doors open at 9. Fortunately my friend and I charmed an attractive guy standing in line smoking a cigarette. We really were just looking to bum some tobacco, but our new gentlemen friend along with two American Spirits allowed us to cut in line. This kind gesture prevented my friend and me from having to trek up a hill in order to join the back of the line and cross our fingers that we get in. When a show is free and has an amazing line up one is grateful for these blessed type of encounters.

By the time we got in I barely caught the tail end of Fun. Which in retrospect was very disappointing as their album is on heavy rotation and I don’t think they will be visiting LA for a while. After a “what to be expected” performance from Henry Clay People, energetic yet acoustics muffled the power of their lyrics. The main attraction, Local Natives took the stage. The standard wave of bodies pushed forward. With hardly any breathing room in the front, I somehow made it over to a friend I had met at the previous Monday night. What sparked our friendship was the fact she danced! Really got into the music and danced, not just the little hip sway and head bop. I admired her for the physical freedom she possessed and was determined to truly dance to the music too. The band held the audience completely captivated, everyone bopping and singing along. While my hips swiveled and my arms moved to the beat of their melodic and strong percussions, I slowly started to see other people dancing just a little bit more. Arms were being raised and heads were shaking too, punctuating the songs crescendo. By their last song Sun Hands, after an extended instrumental set, when the singer broke back into the chorus every single person in the first couple rows were truly dancing. Feet were pounding, fists were hitting the air, and the audience was expelling the lyrics with passionate exasperated voices.

Never in my entire show going experience have I ever witnessed a scene as harmonious and spontaneously choreographed as that moment. Looking to my right and left and seeing everyone dancing! This band has a way of exciting its audience with a unique and creative energy that cannot be manufactured. It’s organic in its power, and may these boys share this experience with as broad and as wide an audience as possible. With a few more stops in the North Western States Local Natives will be off to Europe until mid October. Make sure to catch this band while the venues are small, before you know it the ticket prices will be more than a tank of gas.

February Song Of The Day Playlist

I’ve made you a February Song of the Day Playlist! Yes, I know February isn’t completely over, and I wasn’t totally consistent. But in the last 4 years of writing this blog; this was the most consistent SOTD posting I have ever done. Now with a new nifty better organized and soon (hopefully) to be filled with original content YouTube channel, I will be organizing each months #SOTD videos into one playlist. Still Like the Facebook Page or Follow B_MAOI on Twitter for your (almost) daily fix of an eclectic array of tunes. Yes don’t be surprised if one day De La Sol or Tupac is a song of the day, cause my ears just like what is good. No particular genre*, just music that I choose to be the Song of The Day, simple as that.

I saw Mark Kozelek last night play and it was everything I imagined. Except for the part where I am fighting to stay awake. He was amazing, guitar playing an d lyrics always inspired. I love his music, I was just tired and his voice is the sweetest lullaby. So for this relaxing lazy Sunday afternoon, I give you Song of the Day [ #SOTD ]; “Carry Me Ohio” Sun Kill Moon

The Happy Hallows – Sara Negahdari

Name: Sarah Negahdari

Nickname: Kitty, Negs, NegaSign: PiscesFavorite:

Food. Sushi

Book. Inspiration Sandwich by Sark

Season. Autumn!

Q1.How many times have you been pulled over? And why?

A1.Just once. I didn’t do a full stop at a stop sign. I started crying! and the policeman let me go ticket free!

Q2.What animal if your spirit guide?

A2I Looooooveee your questions! ahhhh! So refreshing!!!!! mine is a black panther. I have had many dreams that were incredibly vivid, mystical, involving a female black panther, roaring at me to toughen up! She shows me how to be A REAL WOMAN! 🙂

Q3. What’s your vice?

A3.Oh gaaaaawwwddd, my indecisiveness!!! no wait, maybe it’s my day dreaminess, no wait, it’s my…just kidding…yeah, my vice is definitely that I have such a hard time making up my mind.

Q4.If you could live in a movie for a day, which movie would it be? Would you be yourself or another character?,, such a fabulous question!!! I would be in Labyrinth and I would be David Bowie’s character!!!!

Q5. If your art was an ice cream flavor which one would it be?

A5.Definitely rainbow swirl, with dark chocolate sharp poky pieces, and sprinkles! and a candle symbolizing a new birthday each day, like you can start fresh each day with a wish- and be reborn with a clean slate!

Q6. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

A6. Yes. Although i don’t remember this, but my parents told me I had an imaginary friend named Stephanie, and every time I did something bad i would tell them, “but it was Stephanie who did it!”

Q7. Personal Quote?

A7.(Charlie will send this one, he seems to remeber all of my quotes, and I am blanking out!)

Q8. Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs?

A8. Yes, I think there is something to it that is quite mysterious! I believe the planets have a definite influence over our basic personality. Although I don’t think it’s good to think they have total say or power over our destiny. I do love it though! Yeah, I really do believe there is something to the whole astrology thing for sure! I just really love it!

Q9. Do you drink coffee? If so how many cups a day?

A9. I AM A COFFEE ADDICT. it’s really ridiculous. Every morning I have to have coffee otherwise I freak out!!! I only really need it in the morning, but I love it, i am a LOVER of that bean.

Q10. Best show you have ever been too?

A10. I think when I first saw Tori Amos, I was very young, and it made such a deep impact on my life. I remeber sitting in the theater and balling my eyes out, wiping loads of snot all over my chair becuase i just ran out of room on my sleve. i was just SO moved by her raw emotional honesty and balls and insanity and also vulnerable, Openess with the audience. That forever changed and inlfuenced me.

Isn’t she amazing! And although The Happy Hollows are a rockn band thanks to RFSL a while ago (months and months) I was able to download Sarah’s song Driver. Its amazing I listen to it at least once every other day, especially while getting ready it just puts me in a good mood. If you can track down that song do it! NOW!!

ALSO The Happy Hollows will be having their first Album release next Friday, September 4th at Spaceland. Please go out and support this well deserved achievement.

The Happy Hollows listen and Love!

Find out more about the Release Shin Dig and other Hollow happenings here

Castledoor- R.I.P

*this band has unfortunately disbanded….


Name: Nathan David Forest Cole
Nickname: Nate
Sign: Taurus

Food – Mexican (vegetarian)
Book – recently “A Million Little Pieces” by James FreySeason – FALL

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A1. i had to “google” this one to figure out what it was.

Q2. What superhero would be your sidekick?
A2.mighty mouse

Q3. Bathroom read?
A3.the walls of my bathroom are covered in the pages of an old Beatles book with interviews from the band. So, I’m usually reading the story of how Paul came up with “Hey Jude”

Q4. Where and When in time would you go?
A4. too hard.. for fun, how about here:

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5.i gave a hug to a girl wearing sandals and my shoe caught her big toe nail and ripped it off (cringe!)

Q6. Best compliment ever received?
A6.i suppose this doesn’t really count, but just the other day i came out to my car and there was a tiny piece of paper stuck to the drivers side window- probably 1′ x 1′ – that just said “be proud of who you are.” and even if the anonymous person gave away a hundred of these… it felt really good to read. i told myself it was probably Miranda July, and my car was the only one.

Q7. What do you admire in a person?

Q8. Greatest strength? A8. empathy. Q8.Greatest Weakness? A8. empathy.

Q9. What 80’s movie would you live in for a day? A9. Easy, The Goonies. Q9Who would you be? A9. easy, Mikey!

Q10. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A10.being lost & late, especially at the same time!

Be Castledoor’s friend… I know you want to!!And check them out this month at Spaceland. They’re the resident band, so you know what that means…free monday entertainment!

(Something more clever was going to be said, but it just didn’t seem to want to come to mind)


Name: Lisa Cole
Nickname: Liska

Food. Indian Food!(Veg)
Book. hmmm. I really love “The Book Theif” but currently reading “cosmic banditos” which i’m loving, so we’ll see… i usually like the book i’m reading… so, this answer could change next month.
Season: fall.

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A1. didn’t know this, but took a quiz to find out, i guess mine is a swan!
Powers: Foretelling future through dreams, dream-walking.
Swans are idealistic, open-minded, and passionate. Your good nature often leads people to think they can take advantage of you, but they should be careful—beneath that serenity lies a fighting spirit. Your love is fierce and unconditional, fueled by the certainty that it should last forever.

Q2. What superhero would be your sidekick?
A2. hmmm, Gambit, from x men… so he could throw those cards at people.

Q3. Bathroom read?
A3. nope.

Q4. Where and When in time would you go?
A4. sorry for the sad moment, but i would go to the day before we found out my dad had cancer, life seemed so easy then.

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5. something embarrassing happens to me everyday…unfortch.

Q6. Best compliment ever received?
A6. ….

Q7. What do you admire in a person?
A7. when someone is really great at something.

Q8.Greatest strength? Greatest Weakness?
A8. what is this, a job interview? ha.

Q9.What 80’s movie would you live in for a day? Who would you be?
A9. Bloodsport with Jean Claude Van Damme…. don’t ask. I used to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid, before I even spoke english, and had the biggest crush on JCVD… embarrassing, I know.

Q10. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A10. Iced drinks in plastic cups, they get all drippy on the outside. I don’t know if thats my ‘biggest’ pet peeve, it’s one I’m dealing with as I type.

Doesnt this band just have such lovely people in it!! Go support them. They’ll rock your socks off!!

Name: Joel Peter Plotnik
Nickname: JP
Sign: Pisces

Food- Sushi
Book- Treasure Island
Season- It’s a toss up between winter and summer…

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A2.The Wolf…Powers: Stealth, hunting ability, enhanced senses of smell and hearing, as well as strength and stamina

“Family comes first” could be a Wolf’s motto. You form deep connections with close friends and family members, and they know you’d do anything to protect them. You’re loyal, devoted, and passionate. Your worst fear is being alone, but be careful not to drown your loved ones in too much emotion.
Best matches: Swans, Otters, Crows
Watch out for: Spiders, Owls, Foxes

Q2. What superhero would be your sidekick?
A2.I would naturally say Superman but to be more unique I’m going to have to go with Green Lantern.

Q3. Bathroom read?
A3. Hand me anything in the bathroom that is in English and I’ll read it. Same with my “breakfast” read. Though, usually I prefer the back of cereal boxes during breakfast… Even if I’m not having cereal.

Q4. Where and When in time would you go?
A4. I would go back to my high school graduation 6 years ago.

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5.I got panced while receiving a wedgy. My kick stand was revealed. Considering I was in 7th grade (pretty awkward time of life anyway) and that a group of girls were hanging around and got to witness it, I felt the closest I have ever felt to death.

Q6. Best compliment ever received?
A6.That I have nice eyes. Hahaha! Juuust kidding. I don’t remember compliments. I only remember cut downs. It’s kind of odd considering I’m such a happy person.

Q7. What do you admire in a person?
A7.I like when people are genuinely happy.

Q8. Greatest strength? Greatest Weakness?
A8.My greatest strength probably rests in my thighs. My greatest weakness… Isn’t that an oxymoron? 😉

Q9. What 80’s movie would you live in for a day? Who would you be?
A9.80’s????? How about 90’s… Jurassic Park! Alan Grant!

Q10. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A10.Signals turning red when there are no cars around. SERIOUSLY!!!

See what animal is your spirit guide? Are you and Joel compatible???

Name: Brandon
Nickname: Trick Tracy
Sign: Gemini

Food- Taco Zone Veggie Quesadilla
Book- How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers (currently)
Season- Christmas

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A1. Horse

Q2. What superhero would be your sidekick?
A2. Wolverine or Optimus Prime

Q3. Bathroom read?
A3. Old Text Messages

Q4. Where and When in time would you go?
A4. Neverland, whenever that is

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5. Karate Class. 5th Grade. Pants fells off in mid air during a jump kick and i missed the pad i was aiming for and fell on the ground in front of my friends, family, and my current crush at the time Christina Tostado. Also, Power Rangers undies just to top it off.

Q6. Best compliment ever received?
A6. “Dude, i’ve never seen anyone bench press a mini cooper! you’re seriously ripped!”

Q7. What do you admire in a person?
A7. If they can keep it cool. not like cool as in hip, but cool like laid-back, easy-going.

Q8. Greatest strength? Greatest Weakness?
A8. Dance Moves. I work too hard? (jk)

Q9. What 80’s movie would you live in for a day? Who would you be?
A9. hands down— Outsiders. hands down— Dally.

Q10. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A10. Street Sweeping. such a scam. i mean i doesn’t do anything!