Charmaine Olivia – Dandelion Wine

Name: Charmaine Olivia
Nickname: Charmy, Charms, Mimi, but I’m most commonly known to my friends as “Meems”
Sign: Pisces

Ice Cream: Brown Butter. crazy, i know. omgsogood.
Book: Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury
Color: changes daily, usually greens or blues

Q1. Are you superstitious?
A1. No, but I have a lot little rituals that I do for good luck, or for very specific results. For example, if I stare at something green and blink 33 times, the light should change from red to green, but sometimes it takes more than 33. Or if I’m trying to shoot a basketball I first have to bounce it X amount of times and use a specific part of my hand to bounce the ball with. I do this until I find the right combination that awards me my basket.

Q2. Best show you’ve ever been too?
A2. The first Animal Collective show I went to, I think it was back in 2004. They played much smaller venues then, which is always nice.

Q3. What have you said you would never do, but have ended up doing?
A3. Wearing high waisted skinny jeans. Those were always deemed “mom pants” when I was younger. My 13-year old self would be horrified to see what I wear now.

Q4. Bathroom read?
A4. Read? no. Words With Friends on my iPhone. I’m hopelessly addicted.

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5. Weird language barriers while backpacking through europe. Too many to count.

Q6. If you were a Transformer, what car/truck would you transform into?
A6. some sexy italian car

Q7. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
A7. Tom & Jerry, or those old Tex Avery cartoons. Gosh, they don’t make ’em like they used to.

Q8. What’s your vice?
A8. All things crunchy and salty. I am especially fond of cheese puffs and doritos. And really sweet white wines. but not paired with doritos. ew.

Q9. When are you most creative morning, mid day, or evening?
A9. Midday to evening. Morning is strictly reserved for tea-drinking and kitten-cuddling.

Q10. You were slipped a radioactive roofie by an evil scientist and now have mutated, what’s your superpower?
A10. Alex Mack!! Omg I haven’t thought about that show in years! I always wanted to be able to do what she does. What, turn in to a silvery liquid and creep around? Move things with her mind? Yeah. Bingo. That or maybe the ability to change the weather. I’m always cold, it’d be nice to have a few extra degrees here and there.

Charmaine Olivia blends realism and illustration together in a way that her figures and subject are filled with a sophisticated whimsy.  Beautiful and mysterious one wants to have a conversation with the women Charmaine paints rather than sleep with them. Inspired by nature, woodlen critters can be spotted through out her work along with a a distinct feminine charm.

Please see more of Charmaine’s work on her website.

The Happy Hallows – Sara Negahdari

Name: Sarah Negahdari

Nickname: Kitty, Negs, NegaSign: PiscesFavorite:

Food. Sushi

Book. Inspiration Sandwich by Sark

Season. Autumn!

Q1.How many times have you been pulled over? And why?

A1.Just once. I didn’t do a full stop at a stop sign. I started crying! and the policeman let me go ticket free!

Q2.What animal if your spirit guide?

A2I Looooooveee your questions! ahhhh! So refreshing!!!!! mine is a black panther. I have had many dreams that were incredibly vivid, mystical, involving a female black panther, roaring at me to toughen up! She shows me how to be A REAL WOMAN! 🙂

Q3. What’s your vice?

A3.Oh gaaaaawwwddd, my indecisiveness!!! no wait, maybe it’s my day dreaminess, no wait, it’s my…just kidding…yeah, my vice is definitely that I have such a hard time making up my mind.

Q4.If you could live in a movie for a day, which movie would it be? Would you be yourself or another character?,, such a fabulous question!!! I would be in Labyrinth and I would be David Bowie’s character!!!!

Q5. If your art was an ice cream flavor which one would it be?

A5.Definitely rainbow swirl, with dark chocolate sharp poky pieces, and sprinkles! and a candle symbolizing a new birthday each day, like you can start fresh each day with a wish- and be reborn with a clean slate!

Q6. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?

A6. Yes. Although i don’t remember this, but my parents told me I had an imaginary friend named Stephanie, and every time I did something bad i would tell them, “but it was Stephanie who did it!”

Q7. Personal Quote?

A7.(Charlie will send this one, he seems to remeber all of my quotes, and I am blanking out!)

Q8. Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs?

A8. Yes, I think there is something to it that is quite mysterious! I believe the planets have a definite influence over our basic personality. Although I don’t think it’s good to think they have total say or power over our destiny. I do love it though! Yeah, I really do believe there is something to the whole astrology thing for sure! I just really love it!

Q9. Do you drink coffee? If so how many cups a day?

A9. I AM A COFFEE ADDICT. it’s really ridiculous. Every morning I have to have coffee otherwise I freak out!!! I only really need it in the morning, but I love it, i am a LOVER of that bean.

Q10. Best show you have ever been too?

A10. I think when I first saw Tori Amos, I was very young, and it made such a deep impact on my life. I remeber sitting in the theater and balling my eyes out, wiping loads of snot all over my chair becuase i just ran out of room on my sleve. i was just SO moved by her raw emotional honesty and balls and insanity and also vulnerable, Openess with the audience. That forever changed and inlfuenced me.

Isn’t she amazing! And although The Happy Hollows are a rockn band thanks to RFSL a while ago (months and months) I was able to download Sarah’s song Driver. Its amazing I listen to it at least once every other day, especially while getting ready it just puts me in a good mood. If you can track down that song do it! NOW!!

ALSO The Happy Hollows will be having their first Album release next Friday, September 4th at Spaceland. Please go out and support this well deserved achievement.

The Happy Hollows listen and Love!

Find out more about the Release Shin Dig and other Hollow happenings here