Pulsatilla – Grandma’s Powder Puff

Nickname: pulsatilla
Sign: cancer

Fruit : passion fruit
Time of Day : 19 HOO
Book : woody hallen “Le chantier infernal”
Q1.What animal is your spirit guide?
A1.the fox, wild, blond red head like me.

Q2.What superhero would be your sidekick?
A2.tarzan, so sexy

Q3.Bathroom read
A3.magazine only, love reading gossips in Elle magazine.

Q4.Where and When in time would you go?
A4.In laponia, in winter for christmas.

Q5.Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5.i was a little child, my mum didn’t want to buy me some chewing gums, she said it was bad for my teeth…but i wanted this chewing gums, so in my school, with a friend we took some used gums on the ground, we rinced and ate them…the teacher discovered me, told my mother, i was grilled…big shame but still no bubble at home.

Q6.Best compliment ever received ?
A6.”you are my princess”, from my boyfriend.

Q7.What do you admire in a person?
A7.honesty, humor, sensibility, positive state of mind, creativity. oh yeh, big list…

Q8.Greatest strength? Greatest Weakness?
A8.Well, my greatest strength is probably my determination and my sensibility, weakness : impatient

Q9.What 80’s movie would you live in for a day? Who would you be?
A9.movie “Manon des sources” realised by R. Berry”, i would be Emmanuelle BĂ©art as “Manon”. For a day, walk barefooted in the wood, with rosmaryn, thym and pine smells, swim in the river, hear the Mistral wind in the trees, feel my Provence.

Q10.Biggest Pet Peeve?
A10.ringing bell on the morning, and TV news.

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