The Last 2 Months

In the course of two months I have turned “My Favorite MAOI” into the biggest cluster melty messy fudge of a SEO, DNS, & CNAME disaster. With an occasional Facebook post here of there, discussing this frustration. And then I realized, “It doesn’t matter”! Sure it matters in some respect with getting content seen and GoogleAdWords and this that and the other. But in the big picture, my SEO position is not why I started “My Favorite MAOI” to begin with.  Four years ago, when I first opened up a Blogspot account to interview artist and musicians in a Teeny Bopper style, even though they didn’t reflect a Teeny Bopper market. I hadn’t even come up with the acronym of M.A.O.I, and it was

The course of My Favorite MAOI just evolved over time and now as I’ve out grown BlogSpot and its platform. So I move over to WordPress, but I was so focused on being able to carry over the domain name My Favorite MAOI, to hold on to WWW[dot], I never focused on the real purpose and reason I do this blog in the first place.


I’ve decided to leave the domain in the wind. And just post content here, because I like the categories option. Then someday when I am ready for a bigger, better, MUST HAVE a proper domain, type of situation. I’ll also have saved up the money, to pay a web pro to handle the headache for me.

Moral of the story, don’t get caught up in the little things that you think are important but distract you from your main purpose. I thought a proper domain was important, not writing the great content that I love; sharing inspiring people, their likes- dislikes, art, music, and story. Don’t put the horse before the cart; don’t get hung up on the little stuff, keep your authentic purpose in the fore front of you mind.

Plus now I’m thinking of changing the name of this site, all together. Well when I roll out the big 10 year plan! Anyone know anything about trademarks? Yeah, stay focused B, stay focused!

“I tend to learn this lesson more time than I would like, but when I become concerned with the other voices, the ones that are not my own. The concerns I pick up from others, regarding their own agenda, that I then apply to myself. I wind up in a cluster fuck of confusion, where I could have saved myself a headache and just gone fuck it…I’m going to do things this way. Because well, those ways make sense to me.” – my facebook post