Melissa Forman – Wishing Better Luck


Name: Melissa Forman
I’ve never been much of a nickname person, but sometimes my boyfriend refers to me as “Melly-Mel”
Sign: Aquarius

Cookie: Snickerdoodle
Scent: that sweet, sugary smell when you walk into an ice cream parlor
Color: Black

Q1. If you could go anywhere in time where would it be and why?
A1. How do I choose? I’d want to check out so many! I think I’d start with the very beginning of life and see what the deal with that was. Then I’d want to check out the beginnings of human civilization, and then I’d check out Jesus and see what the truth was about him. Oh, and I’d need to see if Atlantis was real. Then I’d want to visit Stonehenge and the Pyramids to see if aliens really helped out with those. And so on and so on. I could know the answers to every question we’ve ever had about the past.

Q2. What fun fact about yourself is most shocking?
A2. I met Ron Jeremy at a party once and listened to him play classical piano.

Q3. Most exciting moment of your life thus far?
A3. I think it would have to be finding my boyfriend and falling in love. There’s nothing better than finding the person you’re meant to be with.

Q4. Do you have a lucky charm?
A4. No, but I’ve had a pretty unlucky year, so I need to start working on this.

Q5. If your artwork was a cereal, which one would it be and why?
A5. Well, this is a pretty cheesy analogy, but I’d say it would be Life cereal because each painting describes my own life and experiences. And there’s some sweetness to them, without being fruity. 😉

Q6. If you were in Willy Wonka’s factory, what would you be looking forward to the most.
A6. Well, eating as much candy as I could of course! I would not be looking forward to riding on that gondola thing. That thing was crazy freaky.

Q7. What do you miss most about being a kid? What’s the best thing about being an adult?
A7. I miss the fun and freedom of being a kid, long summer days with no obligations and the endless possibilities of living in my imagination. The best thing about being an adult is having a love and appreciation for things I didn’t understand as a kid.

Q8. First show (music) did you ever go to?
A8. Honestly, the first one I can remember is Sesame Street Live when I was 5, but that probably doesn’t count. I remember going to see the band Joan of Arc in Cleveland when I was in high school.

Q9. If you knew when the world was going to freeze for ten minutes, what would you plan to do in those 10mins?
A9. Ok, so I’m probably spending too much time analyzing this question. So does it mean that time is frozen for ten minutes and I can do whatever I want while time waits for me? Or does it mean that the entire world is frozen in ice for 10 minutes? Or does it mean the world will end in 10 minutes and all humans will die in a second Ice Age and I have to figure out how to spend those last few minutes? The best option I see out of those three would be that time is frozen for 10 minutes and I have a few free minutes to do what I want while the rest of world waits in time limbo. That being the case, and I’m sure this is very anticlimactic, but I’d probably just take a nap. 😉

Q10. What animal trait do you wish to possess?
A10. Flight. Or maybe being able to breathe underwater

After taking a few art classes all I can think is that Melissa Forman captures the classic idea of Venus, even if she is not aware of doing so. Painting beautiful women, their regal and loving presence amongst flora and fauna explains the relationship of the potential goddess. While she paints women that look out to us, it is obvious that not only the viewer but their surrounding world is completely focused on this possible Venus. Pulling from centuries ago and using photographs from the present she blends the two worlds together into this modern day version of the idealized woman.

Please visit Melissa Forman’s website to view more of her work.

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Nicholas Bohac – God Of All Deer

Name:   Nicholas Bohac
Nickname:   Nik.  I keep things simple.
Sign:  Sagittarius (I had to look this up.  People have told me before, but I always forget)


Ice Cream:  Cookie Dough…all the way.  Trader Joe’s makes one that has their brand of Oreo cookies in it.  And it’s tops.   Also, love Polly Ann’s Ice Cream in San Francisco.
Book:   Jurassic Park.  I’ve read it so many times, and it still blows my mind how much I love that book.
Color:  Anything bright.  And cool.

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A1. Antlor.  He’s the god of all deer.

Q2. If you had a parrot what would you teach it to say?
A2. Probably “You’re the best” and “Ess my Dee”

Q3. What superhero would you make your sidekick?
A3. Is George Bush a superhero?  He’s basically played the part of sidekick his entire life.

Q4. What’s the best prank you have ever pulled on someone?
A4. I don’t even know.  I used to be in a band and go on tour, and we’d play pranks on each other all the time.  That was years ago, though.  I’m constantly fucking with my wife because she has to be the most gullible person I’ve ever met.

Q5. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A5. People who only post about what television shows they’re watching on their ‘Facebook’ pages.  Or people who use the word “there” when they obviously mean “they’re” or “their”.

Q6 Favorite amusement park and ride?
A5. Rollercoaster.  Does anybody say anything else?  Have people NOT seen ‘Zombieland’?

Q7. Best vacation memory?
A7.I went to Paris six years ago and it was basically the best week of my life.

Q8. Childhood ambition?
A8. Play a show with Nirvana and to be an artist. I never got to play with Nirvana, but I played in a band for years, and that was awesome.  And I’m making art, so I’m doing good, I think.

Q9. Best compliment ever received?
A9. I receive so many great compliments from so many awesome people on a daily basis, just because of what I do with my work.  I feel lucky

Q10. What do you wish was invented?
A10. A time machine.  Oh wait, John Titor already invented that shit:

Part illustration, part impressionism, part realism, part of undefinable. Nicholas Bohac’s work has the haunting sense that a society or life was once present, but it is nature that prevailed. Not afraid of color, his pieces are far from a mirror image of the world around us, but an ever adjusting rainbow spilling over onto his canvas. I have a saying, perfectly imperfect. Nicholas’s techni-color world is the perfect reflection of imperfection, and it is in imperfection we find honest beauty.

For more of Nicholas Bohac’s work please visit his website.