Catherine Brooks – Hot Motorcycle Babe!


Name: catherine Brooks

Nickname: sparkes, cat, doomferret, kitsune, rabbit, mole, rice pudding, space monkey.



cookie. Pecan Shortbread

season. Spring


Q1. What is the best show (music) you have ever been too?

A1. I have been to only a handful of shows, I actually don’t enjoy them, but I keep going to see GWAR over an over again.

Q2. If you could live in any time period or be anyone dead or alive, who would you be or where would you go?

A2. I would want to be Charles Eames.

Q3. What is something you hate doing, but must do anyways?

A3. oil the chain on my motorcycle.

Q4. If you had to give up one of your 5 senses, which one would you abandon?

Smell, its half of tasting, so I think tasting might be half smell, it seems the most efficient to only give up 1/3 of the Olfactor. Also I have a very strong sense of smell and it usually isn’t a good thing.

Q5. Most rewarding moment of your life thus far?

A5. I am very into the reward system in my life, I constantly reward myself or just seek pleasure in general. From a philanthropic perspective I think the day I found myself putting my coat in the room of a friend’s uncles 16 year old step-daughter (at a party) Her room was like many teenager’s plastered with magazine photos of bands and fashion shoots. Its like one big inspiration board for who they want to be and what they think is cool. Above her vanity mirror she had cut out and glitter glued every one of my paintings from the pages of RVAMAG (Richmond’s only art magazine.) I felt super proud that she saw that work and with no connection to me, saw something in it that inspired her. I felt like maybe the honesty and power and grace I hope is in my work might be influencing someone. Thats what I really want.

Q6. If you owned a parrot, what would you teach it to say?

A6. “Winter is coming!” and “I can see your insides!” or “Muad’ Dib” or “I can see your sins!”

Q7. How old were you the first time you got drunk? How was the experience?

A7. I was 15 and blake bullard made me fuzzy navels, i danced around his living room while he played his grand piano, i ended up laying under it listening to the sounds and laughing. it was so wonderful.

Q8. Biggest Pet Peeve?

A8. I don’t really have one, except even though i like doing the dishes at my apartment i secretly hate washing dishes from food i didn’t eat and/or am allergic too. it makes me bitter. just for a second.

Q9. What was your childhood ambition?

A9. I always wanted to be an artist, pretty much thats it.

Q10. Is there any toy you really wanted as a kid but was never given?

A10. Did you ever buy it for yourself when you got older? I honestly don’t think so. I liked the toys I had, the ones i could never get or make i still can’t and I wasn’t as into toys as I was into books and tools. I have definitely bought myself alot of those.

Cathrine Brooks paints beauty suspended in a world of ribbon, nature, bubbles and pearls. Capturing the essence of femininity, it’s power and elegance. Her creativity transcends the canvas as she sometimes¬†pushes her worlds onto laser cut wood and books with bottles. With an electric personality the work equally vibrates with life. Using light to highlight and illuminate her subjects, she creates romance and mystery, a dreamland where our imaginations can wander.

Please check out more of Cathrine’s work on her website