#SOTD – Pitiful February & March Playlist

The lack of daily selection in my Song of the Day playlists makes me think I need to rename these “What I’m Listening Too” aka #WILT. Hmm WILT, that’s not too bad as it totally reflects the lame nature of having to resign to changing #SOTD to #WILT. This month just got away from me completely, and I think I was sucked into watching more TV than listening to music. Though this week I’ve started to get into listening to more new bands, so April is looking good. Maybe. Well here are some basic playlists and a little Twitter love, I love the twitter love!!

Twitter Favorite Boris Yelstin

Twitter Favorite of School

#SOTD January 2014 Playlist

#SOTD | Song of the Day

Once again I have a song for nearly half the month, and mid February… well I’ll get there. I should pop champagne and bathe in French Fries when I actually complete a full month long playlist from beginning to end. Not just a collection of songs discovered/ rediscovered during the month and haphazardly shared and posted on Twitter. I love #SOTD (song of the day) ! Especially when it gets love from the bands who’s songs I selected to declare #SOTD worthy. Yacht Band Music Twitter

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TORCHES – There will be dwarves!


Torches had a very busy year in 2013. Stoked to start working with a new manager who’s resume includes working on Conan, Kimmel, and for band Local Natives. They had a fun residency at the Echo back in May, and put out a new EP, IF THE PEOPLE STARE the same month. Followed by a summer tour and rounding of the year with a fantastic show at the Echoplex with The Lonely Wild. Next in store is putting out a new album in 2014. And I had the chance to interview them before any of that happened in March of 2013. WOW! Yeah talk about not making a personally set deadline. Well they are pretty neat, so find out more about this local (Los Angeles) indie favorite Torches.

Name: Azad Cheikosman                                           Name: Eric Fabbro
Nickname: Cheeks? Wolfie                                        Nickname: Fabbs
Sign: Libra                                                                   Sign: Aquarius

Azad: Black, Blue
Eric: Blue

Eric: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Azad: Fall
Eric: Winter

MAOI:  What is your spirit animal?
Azad: Wolf
Eric: Turtle

MAOI: What superhero would you make your sidekick?
Azad: Idk, if this counts, but Jake the Dog of Adventure Time.
Eric: Probably The Flash, he’s always appealed to me with his attitude

MAOI: Most wild and crazy thing you have done thus far in your life?
Azad: I’d say, deciding to drive across the country in a van with my friends to play for strangers. The last tour we did was the most extensive tour we’ve ever done. We started in LA and drove up the coast playing through these cities: Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York (CMJ festival), and Chicago. I booked the tour myself and surprisingly enough we came back with money…profit was made. Tour was a success!
Eric: Kinda lame, but jumping off a 50 ft rock into a lake. I have a bad fear of heights

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September 2013 SOTD Playlist

Well into building October’s #SongoftheDay playlist and already skipping a few days like a boss. A failing inattentive boss, who’s accountant is smuggling funds. But at least I have yet to be smacked with a sexual harassment lawsuit kind of boss….ANYWHO… I am pretty proud of my September Playlist, 30 days and there are 15 videos. 53 minutes of audio awesomeness. Tell me what you think!! — I enjoy having my musical taste validated (not torn a part) by strangers.

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Car Seat Headrest Interview – Dorm Room Magic


Name: Will Toledo
Nickname: No regularly-used ones, though I think it’s cool when people call me ‘Car Seat Headrest’.
Sign: right at the tail-end of Virgo

Cookie: any kind that is provided specifically for me that I don’t have to pay for.
Color: Colors work best in interplay with each other, I refuse to choose! Better to be surprised by vision.
Time of Day: 9 AMish, when I’m getting up. The day is all bright potential, which I usually choose to waste.

MAOI: Do you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs?

CSHR: You know, in a rational sense I do – humans are more reducible to a formula than we’d like to believe, so anyone with a decent grasp of the species can make pretty accurate predictions! I don’t think our fates are dictated by the stars, but I do think it’s pretty telling that over the past few millennia we’ve kept connecting the dots in the same way.

MAOI: Most wild and crazy thing you have done thus far in your life?

CSHR: Taking a 30-hour bus ride to spend a week with a romantic interest about 900 miles away from where my parents believed I was.

MAOI: If you could morph into any animal what would it be?

CSHR: A human. Say no to body dysphoria!

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