Tran Nguyen New Interview for New Works

Thinkspace Artists Tran Nguyen Erik Jones Alex Yanes

Tran not only creates beautiful work, she is equally stunning inside and out. This is the last  weekend (well today really, Saturday March 15) to see the “New Works” show at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City. NY artist Erik Jones and GA artist Tran Nguyen are showing in the main room, while Miami artist Alex Yanes takes over the project room. My favorite show of the year; there is a stunning balance of composition, beauty, and colorful fun through out the gallery. Erik Jones work connects Tran’s soft and ethereal pieces to Alex’s bold and chunky installation, although in separate rooms the entire gallery feels like a cohesive curated piece.

Here is a quick interview I did with Tran about the show, make sure to check it our before it comes down on March 22, 2014.

Tran Nguyen New Works

MAOI:  How would one phonetically pronounce your name? Or would you like to give MAOI readers a special way/nickname to address you with?
TN: My first name is pronounced “tron” like the movie and my family name is “wen”.  In summation, “tron wen”.
MAOI: How do you take your coffee or tea? 
TN: I recently made the transition from coffee to tea for health reasons.  I like it simple with no additives and blazing Godzilla hot.
MAOI: Did you have a “F**k yeah, that’s amazing” moment while creating this series? (modesty is over-rated)
TN: Yes — when I was creating “Living In a Forgotten Fissure I”.
MAOI: What was playing in the background while you were creating this recent body of work; music, Netflix, other?
TN: Ted Talks, The Amazing Race, artist podcasts, and a lot of music.
MAOI: What do you really like or admire about the work of the other artists your showing with at Thinkspace Saturday March 1, 2014. 
TN: Erik’s and Alex’s works are incredible on their own, but I find it amazing how we all complement each other so well, with each bringing their own creative innovation.  Erik’s is colorful like Alex’s while my work is figurative like Erik’s, and so on.

Brett Amory – Caught With His Pants Down


This gallery contains 3 photos.

Name: Brett Amory Nickname: Sign. Cancer Favorite: Time of day. Morning Drink. coke Color. severes blue Q1. Are you superstitious? A1.When I want something Q2. Best show you’ve ever been too? A2.Lusty Lady Q3. What have you said you would … Continue reading

Caia Koopman


Name: Caia Koopman
Nickname: Koopy
Sign: Pieces


Ice Cream: Ube
Book: anything by Nevada Barr
Color: Blue

Q1. Are you superstitious?
A1. No, except I knock on wood a lot

Q2. Best show you’ve ever been too?
A2. Too many Bests, Nirvana, Ramones, Social Distortion, Jane’s Addiction, Bad Religion, Green Day, The Cramps, Oh wait, DUH, you mean Art Show, that’s easy Frieda Kahlo, she rocks

Q3. What have you said you would never do, but have ended up doing?
A3. Drink again

Q4. Bathroom read?
A4. The paper on my ipod

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5. Not telling, too many anyway

Q6. If you were a Transformer, what car/truck would you transform into?
A6. An electric mini cooper silver body, black top, black (go faster) stripes .

Q7. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
A7.Penelope Pitstop

Q8. What’s your vice?

Q9. When are you most creative morning, mid day, or evening?
A9.Morning, on good days I wake up with ideas swimming in my head.

Q10. You were slipped a radioactive roofie by an evil scientist and now have mutated, what’s your superpower?

A10.Well after the morning after pill I think immortality would be fun

For More Caia Koopman click here now!!

Camilla d’Errico


Name: Camilla d’Errico
Nickname: Camel
Sign: Libra 

Ice Cream.-lactose intolerant….but i used to live for tiger!
Book.-Mark Twain’s Collection of Short Stories

Q1. What animal is your spirit guide?
A1.I think its a crow, they’ve always fascinated me.

Q2. What superhero would be your sidekick?

Q3. Bathroom read?
A3.I don’t read in the bathroom…but i always loved those fact books in my friend’s bathroom, i love knowing strange facts.

Q4. Where and When in time would you go?
A4.I’d go see the dinosaurs,probably during the Cretaceous Period because that’s when T-Rex and Triceratops were around and it was its most lush time. I’d give anything to see these reptiles come to life.

Q5. Most Embarrassing Moment?
A5.I’ve had so many…Here’s a great one. I fell on my pie once!I went out of my way to buy this big delicious strawberry rhubarb pie; it was magnificent, the biggest pie ever. I had to take the bus (since I don’t drive), so when the bus pulled into the depot I had to get off, and there I am … the first one at the steps and so excited to get home and begin the gorging. And at the exact moment the doors opened my ankle gave out and like a limp noodle I lost my balance and fell out of the bus with arms flying out in front to break my fall…but what broke my fall was my big pie!! Into the pie I fell, in front of everyone on the (full) bus behind me and the unloading passengers from the entire depot. When I got home I looked at the remains of my smashed up pastry and with tears streaming I ate the whole thing at home….

Q6. Best compliment ever received?
A6.I was at my art opening in Vancouver and a gentleman came up to me with a very surprised looked and said “I wanted to shake your hand, i couldn’t believe this art was done by an Italian/Canadian girl, i was convinced it was the work of a Japanese man!” I worked so hard to develop my style so it would be as authentic manga style as i could and this was the moment when i realized i reached my goal.

Q7. What do you admire in a person?
A7.I admire a person who perseveres.Someone who takes life’s hits and learns and grows from them. There is nothing more amazing to me then a loving, laughing person who doesn’t let the bad and negative parts ruin their lives but instead becomes someone who lives life and goes on no matter what.

Q8. Greatest strength? Greatest Weakness?
A8. My greatest strength, i think its my ambition. It has allowed me to do what i love and push me to my limits and even more. Greatest weakness.. My attention span…sometimes its much like a gerbil’s.

Q9. What 80’s movie would you live in for a day?Who would you be?
A9. The Goonies!I’d be the little Asian boy with all the gadgets – he was so cute and clever.

Q10. Biggest Pet Peeve?
Inconsiderate people…or is it loud gum chewing….ahh…can’t stand either equally.

Don’t miss Camilla’s last show in Los Angeles (not indefinite but for a good measure of time) at Thinkspace Gallery, “Vain Remains”.

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. 90029.

The gallery will be open Fri-Sun 12-6!!! And is coming down next week 😦 so support this amazing artist!! Plus free Gelskins I’m sporting my “Yuuta” Camilla skin right now on the very laptop I’m using to write this blog. Oh WOW!!

(And Caia Koopman Gelskins came in too. If free Gelskins aren’t incentive enough then you’re not a real art fan are you…hmm hmm hmm??)

My final note on Camilla d’Errico aside from her talented magna paintings is that she is an artist one can easily fall in love with in person. I think everyone has had an experience when they have met someone they admire and their true persona dashes the idea of the idol; at the end of night walking away with a sack full of disappointment. It is not this way with Camilla, with a heart of gold she is open and excited to talk to all her adoring fans. Of course with a dash of social awkwardness (because really what arty person doesn’t have a bit of social anxiety) I was her wingwomen and she was mine, definitely one of my more favorite nights at Thinkspace.

Check out more of Camilla d’Errico’s work on her website

Ekundayo – Dragon Slayer


Name:Ekundayo Duvea Reid

Day of the Week.Saturday
Book. sexopedia

Q1.If you could live in a movie for a day which one would it be? Would you be yourself or another character? would be “the never ending story” and i would be the big white dragon thing

Q2.Childhood Ambition?
A2.Move things with my mind &i still believe i can do it!

Q3.When and where would you go in time?
A3.I would go to medieval times so i can kill kill kill, slay dragons, ride horses, have unprotected sex, and not take a shower

Q5.How many cups of coffee or energy drinks do you go through while working?
A5.i don’t take any energy drinks, just a strong bump to get the day started, Cook that cake!

Q6. Favorite bathroom read?
A6. Vice magazine

Q7. Biggest Pet Peeve?
A7.When people take dictation from me and don’t write what i tell them to

Q8. What do you YouTube most?
A8.Elephants painting other elephants

Q9. Best vacation memory?
A9.Ridding through the jungles of Brazil on Horse Back

Q10. Did you ever eat straight butter as a kid?
A10. no i ate I ate straight ketchup