CODY LUSBY Smothers with Butterflies


(photo stolen from Matthew Hodges)

Name: Cody M Lusby
Nickname: Mustachio
Sign: Aquarius/Capricorn

Color: naples yellow
Scent: Bounce “outdoor fresh”
Food: cookies

MAOI: Are you superstitious?
CL: Not really, but I try not to walk under ladders and I don’t like breaking mirrors.

MAOI: If your art was a cereal, what would it be/ similar too and why?
CL: I would have to say “Basic 4” because it is a delicious blend of sweet and tangy fruits, crunchy almonds, and a wholesome variety of gains. Just like my art is a blend of spray paint, collage, acrylic paint and oil paint.


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Faking It – A Dandy Warhol’s Story

(stole photo from The Swollen Fox)

It came to my attention in my late(r) teens (2002) The Dandy Warhols, to me, was the band that all the cool kids liked. At first when I saw people mention the Dandy Warhols, I’d think they were spelling Andy Warhols name wrong. And yes I did embarrassingly correct a few people. Eventually I would mindlessly agree to also loving the band when people would mention them in casual conversation. Not adding to the discussion, but I knew this was a band to care about. As I was not too internet savvy, too scared to download music, and YouTube to my knowledge did not exist in my teens eventually I forgot to look them up. And it wasn’t till 2011 The Dandy Warhols really took hold and a solid file of recognition was sorted in my mind.

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February Song Of The Day Playlist

I’ve made you a February Song of the Day Playlist! Yes, I know February isn’t completely over, and I wasn’t totally consistent. But in the last 4 years of writing this blog; this was the most consistent SOTD posting I have ever done. Now with a new nifty better organized and soon (hopefully) to be filled with original content YouTube channel, I will be organizing each months #SOTD videos into one playlist. Still Like the Facebook Page or Follow B_MAOI on Twitter for your (almost) daily fix of an eclectic array of tunes. Yes don’t be surprised if one day De La Sol or Tupac is a song of the day, cause my ears just like what is good. No particular genre*, just music that I choose to be the Song of The Day, simple as that.

I saw Mark Kozelek last night play and it was everything I imagined. Except for the part where I am fighting to stay awake. He was amazing, guitar playing an d lyrics always inspired. I love his music, I was just tired and his voice is the sweetest lullaby. So for this relaxing lazy Sunday afternoon, I give you Song of the Day [ #SOTD ]; “Carry Me Ohio” Sun Kill Moon

The Hedgehog (Coffee Shop)

2201 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 – Eastside Eat/ Echo Park
(photo courtesy from:

I’m excited to bring the first inspiration story for 2013; she is Erin, owner of Hedgehog Café!

Owner/Manager: Erin West

Favorite :
Book. Infinite Jest – David Foster Wallace (because it was the most influential when I was a teenager in the 90s, but there are one million “favorite books”!)
Color – yellow
Season – Seattle summer (but it’s 17 non-consecutive days long)

THe Hedgehog _ Put a Bird on It

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Name: Henrietta Harris
Nickname: Henri, Sparky
Sign: Capricorn 
Color : Powder Blue,
Book : Brideshead Revisited,

Beverage : Coffee

Q1. What is the best show (music) you have ever been too?
A1. Definitely a Mint Chicks show (Ruban from Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s old band) but it’s too hard to pick just one. I saw them practically every weekend for a few years.

Q2. If you could live in any time period or be anyone dead or alive, who would you be or where would you go?
A2. The 1960s for the music and fashion.

Q3. What is something you hate doing, but must do anyways?
A3. I say the word “like” in sentences too much and I hate myself for it. 



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Song(s) of The Day

I enjoy posting “Song of the Day” or listening to a song and thinking this needs to be shared as SOTD, but my consistency with song(s) of the day is shameless. You would think for me a day lasted eight hundred and forty hours, give or take. Also I have this amazing ability to paste the same “amazing” song more than once over the course of a year. My solution to this debilitating SOTD problem (see a doctor if it begins to burn or itch); an excel doc! Wow I really am growing up; a part of me is so proud. I am going to be logging the songs I want to post, along with marking the day once its posted. The songs are going to be posted on Facebook and Twitter. But at the end of the month the entire list of songs I shared I will post here, for someone’s playlist making enjoyment.

This blog is my child, neglected in the past, but let’s say I went to blogger rehab, and I am determined to be a better mother; making amends. Earning its following and respect back through lots of small steps to rebuilding the trust we once had. And Blogger Social Services, will once again see me as a valued member of the blogging community.

First Official SOTD of the new My Favorite MAOI –

future song of the day follow MY FAVORITE MAOI on FACEBOOK  – other social networks can be found there as well.

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The Last 2 Months

In the course of two months I have turned “My Favorite MAOI” into the biggest cluster melty messy fudge of a SEO, DNS, & CNAME disaster. With an occasional Facebook post here of there, discussing this frustration. And then I realized, “It doesn’t matter”! Sure it matters in some respect with getting content seen and GoogleAdWords and this that and the other. But in the big picture, my SEO position is not why I started “My Favorite MAOI” to begin with.  Four years ago, when I first opened up a Blogspot account to interview artist and musicians in a Teeny Bopper style, even though they didn’t reflect a Teeny Bopper market. I hadn’t even come up with the acronym of M.A.O.I, and it was

The course of My Favorite MAOI just evolved over time and now as I’ve out grown BlogSpot and its platform. So I move over to WordPress, but I was so focused on being able to carry over the domain name My Favorite MAOI, to hold on to WWW[dot], I never focused on the real purpose and reason I do this blog in the first place.


I’ve decided to leave the domain in the wind. And just post content here, because I like the categories option. Then someday when I am ready for a bigger, better, MUST HAVE a proper domain, type of situation. I’ll also have saved up the money, to pay a web pro to handle the headache for me.

Moral of the story, don’t get caught up in the little things that you think are important but distract you from your main purpose. I thought a proper domain was important, not writing the great content that I love; sharing inspiring people, their likes- dislikes, art, music, and story. Don’t put the horse before the cart; don’t get hung up on the little stuff, keep your authentic purpose in the fore front of you mind.

Plus now I’m thinking of changing the name of this site, all together. Well when I roll out the big 10 year plan! Anyone know anything about trademarks? Yeah, stay focused B, stay focused!

“I tend to learn this lesson more time than I would like, but when I become concerned with the other voices, the ones that are not my own. The concerns I pick up from others, regarding their own agenda, that I then apply to myself. I wind up in a cluster fuck of confusion, where I could have saved myself a headache and just gone fuck it…I’m going to do things this way. Because well, those ways make sense to me.” – my facebook post 


Recipe for The Sweet Hurt

This is one of my favorite post from the past, and The Sweet Hurt just finished touring with A Fine Frenzy.


The sigh of love at first sight captured in a mason jar
A thimble full of tears from a broken heart
A cup of petals from your favorite parks wild flowers
The scent of sugar cookies and their pillow
The air of a road trip through a long stretch of open road
A first kiss
Autumn leaves
Dash of hope
Pinch of whimsy

Stir in a large bowl with a wooden spoon
Roll out dough
Use cookie cutters with cute shapes

And bake at 375 F. for 25 minutes.

At the timers ring you have the delightful sweet treat of The Sweet Hurt.

This girl has more talent in her pinky finger than most popular musicians. It’s only a matter of time before her warm and earnest lyrics find its way to the masses ears and have their hearts swoon falling in love to her milk and honey voice. The Sweet Hurt could share a stage and open for Jenny Lewis and the crowd might forget who they were originally there to see. I’m itching to see where she goes in the next few years as I will be completely flabbergasted if I’m not seeing them play the Main Stage at Sunset Junction and be on the bill for yes dare I mention it, Coachella. These are mighty words I spew I know but I believe in this band just that much.

*This was originally written in 2010, funny how Sunset Junction is now bankrupt, time sure does fly.

Please listen to their amazing new LP as your heart might melt and mend all at the same time

The Sweet Hurt LP

The Sweet Hurt Myspace


I’m just posting all the past surveys as much and as fast as I can, another slew of postings from the past coming to you tomorrow!

Who is your favorite artists?

What tunes are you jammn to?

How do you get inspired?

Whats your favorite M.A.O.I?